Salesforce Implementation And Planning For Advanced Digital Marketing

Corporate enterprises are now finding Salesforce as an efficient tool, which helps them manage end-to-end resources like lead lists, revenue tracking, conversion rates, product help files, email and website integration. It also helps in tracking the ROIs.

If your business relies on the metrics put forth by Salesforce, you must ensure that all the information is optimally accurate. You have to do this from the very beginning itself, and the monotony can be further avoided later by establishing an internal process with careful workflow planning.

Below is a checklist to ensure the accuracy of Salesforce data:

  • Always compare the relevant Salesforce records and make sure that you have accounted for everything
  • Spend time for duplication monitoring by using an appropriate tool and keep the database clean
  • Automate as many tasks as you can by setting up appropriate workflow rules
  • Generate the needed reports and get them saved under logical names
  • Automate mail sending and other marketing initiatives, which will help you save a lot of time
  • Run one task at a time and you can learn the trick and tips to upgrade your knowledge and enjoy optimum benefits
  • Try to find a mentor for your Salesforce operations. There are many Salesforce groups and forums active online from where you can get expert tips and advice from the working professionals and administrators about various aspects of Salesforce administration
  • Develop a customized process for the sales team to follow to be compliant with Salesforce Dx

Above all, always maintain a practice of proper documentation. It is the right way to scribe down your learning and let the new employees quickly learn and follow the standard practices. Once you have streamlined the sales process, you need to think about marketing. Let’s explore how you can plan for advanced digital marketing.

Advanced digital marketing initiatives

Need for a refined social media presence

More than a website, having a consistent social media presence is essential for any business to survive. The simplicity of creating a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account may give the users a false assumption about the real worthiness of it. On the other extreme, companies should also consider the fact that social media should not only serve as a means for self-promotion, but it should also be a creative way to engage the users and build trust.

Ensuring optimization and mobile accessibility

You should realize that majority of the internet users are now switching to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for browsing the internet and online purchasing. As the target traffic shifts fast to mobile platforms, marketers need to fine-tune their strategies to meet the needs of the new-gen audience.

Keep an eye on SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time effort. In the modern world, digital marketing services UK is the game changer for the marketers. The strategies change day by day. Techniques such as prioritizing video content and developing user-specific content provide maximum value. Be first on the run to grab the best results.

Keep all these strategies in mind as you head into the second half of 2018, and if you have not given much thought to these, it is high time to start.

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