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Now that’s a fellow creative who let’s his creativity loose: I love it but feel free to make up your own mind🙂

Diary of an Internet Nobody.

Last week I spent a day mucking around with my loop and sequencing app, Oscilab;one of the few ways a non-melodic numpty such as myself can achieve anything even approaching a sound that could be loosely described as “music”.

This time, I was attempting to create something a little more soothing than many of my sonic experiments, something more than ambient, but without the clattering, frenetic rhythms which are often the result of me inexpertly twiddling knobs and pressing interesting buttons.

What eventually came out of this particular simultaneous playing and recording session,(after a couple of hours of studious programming and spurious guesswork)was a tune that I christened Sphear and you can experience it, in all its multi-layered loveliness, by clicking the artwork below:

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m just as inordinately proud of this entry in my peculiar oeuvre as any other, but there was…

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Lazy Sunday ~ A #poem

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July 2016

I have always worked in jobs that required me to work on Sunday’s. So when I have one off I am really grateful and try to enjoy it to the most. I must have written that poem on one of those days :-):

Lazy Sunday

covers my mind
like sun’s
gentle warmth.
Leaving me
for a
new day.

When I wrote that poem I thought about this song but now I have to laugh: it is pretty much the opposite of silence🙂


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Seasons ~ A #poem

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July 2016

I am quite proud of myself. For at least four weeks now I have managed to schedule posts for my blog. They are a visit to my blogging at the beginning and it is good to see what I have created so far. I am still in no state to create new posts.

Sometimes I take part in my usual blogging schedule but not very often. It seems to be a circle of rest and remembering who I am. I am working on tools to calm myself down when overwhelming feelings come to the surface and of course, it is the holiday season and working in a seaside town means work is stressful.

So taking my need for rest serious is more important than ever. I struggle with that. I would love to rush ahead and work as much as is needed but alas my body and soul ask for something different. So the following poem fits perfectly :-):


You have
your own


Do you


#Poem at night ~ Dawn

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July 2016

I wrote this hopeful poem in May 2011 but looking at mankind today I start to wonder if it really dawns on them that there is more than just what science tells us. Well, I think science has probably figured that there is more in store for us than what we have previously thought but that thought hasn’t found it’s way into popular thinking yet.

Mind you in my opinion nothing is for sure in life anyway. And if I have a look into politics and society then there is even more unsure than usual. Interesting times we could think. Hopefully the calm and tolerant minds prevail!

May 2011


It dawns
on mankind:

there is
more to life

than what
teaches you!

Wordless Wednesday ~ This Monkey Business

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Yesterday we braved Woburn Safari Park in a car without air conditioning. All I can advise you if you ever want to go there in the summer holidays is: spend more and get the VIP experience. Unfortunately, the general public is not capable of reading and adhering to the guidance the park gives. Every five meters you had a sign saying: “Do not leave the car” or “Close your windows” or “Drive in two lanes” or “Do not park on the side of the lane” and what do people do?????

Leave the car, keep windows open, drive in the middle of the road so no one can get by and, of course, park at the side so no one else can see the animals they are taking pictures of. It was a proper monkey business and the park keepers had to come along more than once to tell people off!

The VIP experience includes off road drive with park-issued cars so you can get close up to animals and you do not have to put up with the general public who just doesn’t care about the other visitors around them.

Sorry for this rant. I know this is less than wordless but I really had to get that out of my system🙂.

So here are my favorite pictures of the monkey enclosure. There have been animals on the road so people could not just drive on. It was real fun especially the little one getting on our car🙂

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For all those who cannot see the slide show:

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