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Hire A Professional Mining Tender Writer

Mining Tenders are a highly specialised area of tender writing. They are often lengthy and require a thorough understanding of the underpinnings of the mining industry as a whole.  Mining tenders are typically focused on the procurement of heavy machinery used in major mining operations and services. The majority of this equipment is extremely high in value and therefore these mining tenders are of high value. Some of this equipment can include, but is not limited to, the supply of trucks, tyres and any other services such as trades or geotechnical staff.

So how does a company engage suppliers for the supply of services or equipment for the mining industry? When it comes to securing mining contracts companies must take tightening market conditions and an ever- changing mining sector into consideration.  Operating costs for the mining sector are high and therefore mining tenders are often contracts worth pursuing. This is where hiring a tender writer who specialises in mining tenders is critical.

When writing mining tenders the tender writer must first understand that the mining industry have their own unique set of terminology. In order to find a tender writer who can accurately represent the mining industry you must engage a writer who has worked in the mining industry or who has written several mining tenders during his or her career. The tender writer must also possess the ability to work with strong personalities and provide advice without being swayed.

Tendering for the mining and resources sector is probably the most involved of all procurement processes due to the level of detail and industry knowledge required. Previous experience tendering for mining projects is critical, and companies typically requires a host of supporting documents to accompany the bid.

Ideally your tender writer will have appointed a number of industry specialists who have held positions working with large mining and resources companies such as BHP Billiton and Xstrata. This gives the tender writer a detailed knowledge of what these large mining corporations look for in a tender. Having this inside knowledge of the mining industry is a great advantage when it comes to writing successful mining tenders. A combination of expert industry specialists coupled with professional writers is the best success in winning a mining tender.

Mining tenders are often very involved and lengthy, featuring detailed sections on safety management in addition to quality assurance and risk management, depending on the priorities of the buyer. If you have accredited management systems for environmental management, safety, quality and risk these will be an advantage to you if bidding on a mining tender.

Tenders A to Z has extensive experience in bidding on mining tenders and can assist you if you are looking to tender on one of these contracts. We have won a number of mining tenders and have written bids for companies such as BHP Billiton, Anglo American, Fortiscue Metals Group, Xstrata and Rio Tinto.

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