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Commotion Created Over Outsourcing Business Functions To The East

In the recent years,numerous large foreign base companies are outsourcing their non-core businesses to the eastern part of the world. Countries like India and the Philippines are high on population and low on resources. Moreover due to lower economy rate in these countries, the west prefers to outsource the back office processes rather than establishing an in-built business process outsourcing company. Hue and cry on the recession of calls by the government panel in the West is trying to shift the power from the East. A lot of people in the USA are against the shipment of job overseas; they want to retain their jobs.

Many western industries do not oppose outsourcing businesses to the East. It is a humongous cost-saving strategy for their corporations. According to research made by Jagdish Bhagwati (economist from MIT) said that outsourcing businesses to the eastern part of the world is a win-win situation for both the parties, and the United States of America stands to gain rather than lose from these transactions. Industries from the west have accompanied the idea that the BPO services are an increasing factor for globalization in the world economy. Outsourcing business deals to countries like India or the Philippines meant that the Asian countries are satisfactory and maintain favorable professionalism in their work ethics.

At times when Information Technology and manufacturing companies were outsourced to the eastern countries like India and China, the notions and perception of the west altered towards the eastern countries. The emergence of business process outsourcing company changed the stereotypical view of the westerners and shattered their notion of perceiving these countries as backward. Other characteristics are that the BPO phenomenon in the Asian countries are increasing the value of their work performance when it is related to back office operations are concerned. This has resulted in performing high-end businesses and given the number of official rights that are being filled on behalf of technology and KPO companies. This means that the business outsourced to the eastern countries are no more lagging behind and instead, it participates and even retain the power to capsize the West. It is certainly the case that a couple of decades ago the development and research were often being shifted to countries like South Korea, Singapore, Beijing to name a few. Although, India and China are the most highlighted countries. These two countries are considered to be persistently overwhelmed because of their ever growing populations and shortage of resources. And as a tribute to these two countries they are being talked and gossiped about by many western industries.

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ The rising evaluation of professionalism among the Indian or other Asian countries have prospered through years and years of practice. They are confident and empowered to analyse their quality of work and smart enough to think big. Young, energetic, driven toward goal candidates are a huge plus point for reliable business process outsourcing company.

The core reason of debate among the western countries is that the outsourcing industry avails corporate jobs to workers instead of job losses in the Asian countries. This demolishes various opportunities for the American competitiveness. Outsourcing business are huge gains for the CEO’s and the elite class business personnel but not a normal worker. Controversies are arising among the US government and the Asian average workers on shipping American employments abroad. According to them, the US corporations must finance in creating more openings for American to win exchanges abroad.

President Obama visited India to resolve this issue. He suggests GE (General Electric-an American multi-national company) to invest in India and then in return get the investment support from India. This will help in creating jobs opportunities in both the countries — a non-zero sum game deal, where both the countries get to keep their jobs respectively.

A business process outsourcing company in an Asian country is developing due to globalization. It could be a win-win game for both the parties. Organisations must not fall prey to rhetoric speeches and bluster comments. The average worker rights are vital for both the places, no politician or leader has the right to neglect this fundamental rights whether in the USA or in Asia. The disadvantage of high density population in India and the Philippines have turned to a favorable outcome for the western countries.

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