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Why We Need To Choose A Serviced Office

Many small to medium businesses in the UK face the same problem at some point: the office space just isn’t big enough for the whole team anymore. In industries that experience growth year-on-year, there is more likely to be an active recruitment drive that boosts staff numbers and lowers the amount of available desks. Growth is of course a wonderful thing, but it can cause a few headaches when it comes to logistics.

Eventually most business owners realise that they can’t go on in their cramped environments; people sharing desk space isn’t ideal, and it can do much in the way of lowering staff morale. If you’ve found yourself in this position, perhaps you should consider serviced office in London to make the move as pain free as possible. Here are the top reasons to choose a serviced office over a blank canvas:

Kitted out and fully furnished

Perhaps the number one draw of a serviced office is that it is ready to move into as soon as the date is set. You won’t need to worry about bringing any office furniture with you, or spending loads on acquiring desks, chairs and the like. This means your IT staff can hook up all of the computers on the weekend ready for the other team members to come in on Monday morning. Less disruption means you can continue functioning as normal, albeit in a new location.

Cleaning contracts are sorted

Another thing that will already be agreed on will be the cleaning of your office space. This is included in the rent you pay each month and is covered by the providers of the serviced office. It means there is one less thing to think about, and you’ll know that your space will be kept clean and tidy making it a nicer place for staff to work. Make sure you know which days of the week the cleaners will be in, just so it works with your office hours.

Already switched online

A very important service for the modern office is a connection to the internet. Luckily, with a serviced office you will be connected from the day you move in so you don’t need to sit and wait for an engineer to sort it out for you. You will pay for usage separately, but it is a great help to have web services up and running from the offset.

Utilities are covered

Along with the internet connection, you’ll find that other utilities are included within the rental of a serviced office too. This involves service such as water, electricity, gas, and a telephone connection. Not only is this very convenient, but you won’t have to spend an age dealing with suppliers trying to get them to change your address and properly calculate how much you owe.

Premises are secured

Finally it is also worth noting that a serviced office can be a more secure one. You’ll likely have the main reception downstairs who get your guests to sign in before they’re allowed to come to your door. Security alarms are also commonplace so you don’t suffer a loss from stolen files or equipment.