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Singing And Dancing Can Help Leading A Better Life

Children are much pressurised these days. They start going to school at a very early age and then regular studies and other things make them even more tired and lifeless. On the other hand, there is internet. We get to know everything with the touch of a single button. Everything is very easily available these days. So, the leisure time that children get they spend mostly playing imaginary video games and watching their favouriteTV shows instead of going out to play and to make friends. They are getting more cornered in their house and they do not interact with nature as well.

In fact, all human beings are by nature creative and children have the ability to learn things fast. They are children and so it is the duty of the parents to make them inclined to something more meaningful and constructive. Spending all the leisure times into playing video games will not make their mind sharp. So, the parents should make them learn and grow their interest in reading books, singing, dancing, and many other activities which can help them grow their creative persona.

Rhythm is always there in a child’s mind. They keep growing in a womb by listening to their mother’s heartbeat and then when they are born elders make them sleep by singing a lullaby. So, music is something which a child hears even before they are born. So, music is something which is easy for them to grip. Singing is thus something which can make your child free and also make them light hearted. Music always brings positivity in life. So, if you try to inject music in your child’s life from a very early age it will always turn to a good side. Not only that, singing is a particular kind of exercise which makes the cardio vascular system of human body more efficient and it also increases the level of oxygen in the blood. This can reduce the stress level a lot and increases the air flow in the respiratory system. So, music not only has mental but physical benefits as well. Music makes one person a better human being and they can bond with other people very well. Ute also soothes the nerves and different brain cells.

Dance on the other hand helps a child to grow awareness about space and so they do not turn out to be a clumsy one when they grow up. Dancing can help a child to express things better and they learn that it is not needed for one to express everything with words. Dancing makes a person very flexible physically and makes their bone joints very strong. That is why; dancing can help in a good body development. Apart from that, no dance is devoid of music so the rhythm sense also grows.

If you stay in Mumbai, then you can send your child to Jawahar Bal Bhawan to learn singing and dancing. If your child is between 4 years to 10 years of age, then they can be enrolled here for classes and it is both for boys and girls. Here both western and classical music is taught and in case of dance there are different form that is taught here like kathak, waltz, ballroom dancing and many more. One can also learn instruments like piano, saxophone, and guitar here.

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