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Where Can I Find The Best & Professional Injury Solicitors?

Choosing the right personal injury solicitor to process your accident claim is important, since your solicitor’s experience can prove decisive for claim success.The best injury solicitor to process your claim, is the solicitor who has successfully processed several cases like your own.

Ideally, your solicitor should have at least 5 cases under their belt with similar circumstances to your own. In addition to this, your solicitor should have a good ‘success rate’, which is a percentage of the amount of cases they have won. A percentage of 80 or more is ideal for a personal injury lawyer.

Where can I find such lawyers?

The best lawyers work for larger, national law firms. A good rule of thumb is to look towards law firms that have been operating over 10 or 15 years at least. Such law firms have been going for so long, because they are good at what they do. Established law firms also attract the best talent, and they have access to the best personal injury lawyers. For example, this accident claims helpline is a good place to start your search.

Where else can I get legal advice?

You don’t have to speak with a solicitor to get legal advice – you can also speak to a claims advisor, at the end of an accident helpline. Accident helplines are operated by law firms and they are an easy way to get answers to your claims-related questions. From the comfort of your own home, you could find out how much compensation you are legally entitled to and get tailored claims advice that considers your individual circumstances.

Do I have the right to choose my own solicitor?

It is often the case that following a road traffic accident, you may be contacted by your insurer regarding a personal injury claim. Your insurer may even recommend a law firm or a lawyer to you. However, you have the right to choose your own solicitor, and your insurance company has no say over your choice of legal representation. So, you can feel free to make your claim without the aid of your insurer, should you wish to do so.

What if I an unhappy with my solicitor?

It is rare for people to be unhappy with their solicitor. However, should you feel that your claim needs somebody else’s input, then it may be possible to assign a new lawyer to your case, if an agreement between your old lawyer and your new lawyer can be reached that stipulates that your old lawyer can recover their costs afterwards, if your claim is successful. Not all lawyers allow this, however, so clarify this before you take them on.

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