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How Sales And Leasing Consultant Should Build Rapport With Customers?

Rapport building is a very important aspect of any Sales and Leasing Consultant. It has been observed that the Sales and the Leasing Consultant who is able to develop a good rapport with their customers are actually quite successful sales professionals.

Omari Betts is a Sales and a Leasing Consultant and always ensures that he builds up very good rapport with his customers. He understands the importance of rapport building and so always tries to ensure that he is able to maintain a good relationship with his customers.

If you are interested to know how good rapport building helps you in becoming a good salesman then you can go through the discussion below to understand it better:

  • The first and the most important step that is required to build up a good rapport with the customer is to be genuine. It is very important that you project your real self in front of your customer. This will help the customer to develop respect for you and will also help in developing a good rapport with him. Everyone wants to be associated with genuine people and so if you are genuine then there is every possibility that the customer will try to have a long term association with you.
  • It is also very essential to be warm and friendly with your customers. If you have a cold attitude then there is every possibility that your customer will also behave coldly with you. In order to build a good rapport with your customer it is important that exchange proper eye contact and shake hands with him and also be courteous and warm.
  • It is very important that you show a lot of interest in what the customer is trying to tell you. People are self-focused and always want other people to listen to them. So make sure that you first hear out the customer and only after properly listening to what he says then try to provide a proper solution to his needs based on his requirements.
  • One major mistake that most Sales and Leasing professionals make is that they sound too needy. This means that they try too much to build rapport and this is not at all liked by most customers. So in order to build rapport, do not be too overbearing because this might annoy the customer.

Omari Betts loves his job and ensures that he is able to make his customers comfortable. He also ensures that he does not push his customers too much and tries to provide his customers with the most effective solutions. He always tries to listen to his customers and after understanding their needs try to provide him with an effective solution. He also tries to ensure that he is well equipped with all the necessary information regarding the buying and leasing of cars and tries to provide answers to all the queries of the customers. He also understands the fact that maintaining good customer rapport will also help him in improving his sales.

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