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What To Know About Storage Containers Before Shipping Your Cargo

It is important to educate yourself about storage containers when you are exporting for the first time. You actually need to learn a number of things before you even start to pack your cargo. Since there are different types of shipping containers available, it is a good idea to take your time, learn more about those container types, and then make an informed decision. The type of container used for your shipment will depend directly on the type of cargo you want to ship. Here are a few important things to bear in mind about selecting the best shipping containers.  

Pick the Right Type of Container

As mentioned already, not all types of containers are suitable for your cargo, so you should know what would work best for you. An important consideration is about selecting between a 20′ container and 40′ container. Most people think that since the length of a 40′ container is twice the size of a 20′ container, so if you pack 20 tons in a 20′ container then you can pack 40 tons in a 40′ container. This is not true actually because both types of containers are used for different purposes. A 20′ container is designed to handle more weight. It is not designed to carry voluminous cargo. It is more suitable for machinery, metals, minerals, paper, sugar, steel coils, cement, and other types of heavy cargoes. A 40′ is more suitable to carry voluminous cargo than heavy cargo. It is more suitable for steep pipes, furniture, cotton, paper scrap, tobacco, and other types of voluminous cargoes. So, consider what you want to ship to determine the best type of container for your needs.

Check the Condition of Storage Containers

Many people do not understand it but the condition of your storage container matters a lot. If the shipping container is not the best condition, it will never be able to ship your goods in a safe and secure way. Not paying attention to the condition of the containers might make you deal with issues like cargo damage, claims, loss, etc. You need to check a container for a number of things actually. Ensure that the empty container you have received is dry and clean. It should not have any unusual stains or smells. Check the roof for any holes and ensure that there are no gaps when you shut the doors. Also, check the lock rods, which should close and lock properly. And of course, you need to ensure that floorboard is not broken or cracked.

What’s more, you need to ensure that you have completed all documentation. Any documentation related to the cargo should be completed before you pack and ship anything. Moreover, you need to ensure that you are packing your cargo properly keeping the type of storage containers in mind. If you do not know what to do, ask someone who does. Not packing your cargo properly would lead to issues such as damages, accidents, etc. So, pay attention to all these points to ensure that do not have to deal with any issue while shipping cargoes to other countries.

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