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How To Relieve An Employee Of Their Duties

Firing an employee is a difficult process for everyone concerned.  It is important for you to behave with dignity when carrying out the process, as it can be a very upsetting experience for the employee.

It is important to first give your employee a warning, but if after repeated warnings you have noticed that there is no change in their behaviour, firing the employee from their position may be the only solution. This should only be done as a last result. It could affect morale if the employee is well liked and it could cause internal conflict if the rest of the staff believe the firing was not necessary. So, with this in mind, here are a few do’s and don’ts for firing an employee, with help from dental jobs website Dent Reps.

Be Direct

Do not talk around the subject when it comes to the meeting. You want the employee to leave the meeting knowing that their services will no longer be required. The process could get messy if they leave the meeting thinking that they are still in a job.

A meeting like this is always hard, no matter how many times you have done it before. It is important to remain calm and polite throughout to maintain a good relationship with the employee.

Ensure They Are Correctly Paid

Before the employee leaves, it is crucial to make sure that the employee has been paid what they are owed. The employee could raise a complaint if they feel that they have been underpaid.

Thank the Employee

The employee will likely have worked hard during their employment, so we would recommend that you thank them for their work and wish them well for their future employment. Make sure you offer a reference (if they have deserved it). This will make the firing process a lot smoother for the employee and will help them get a job elsewhere.

Tell the Staff

When the employee has left, make sure you gather the team together and explain what has happened. This will ensure that there are no rumors as to what happened and will help minimize office gossip which could destabilize the rest of the team.

If you have an open position after relieving an employee of their duties , we would recommend that you advertise your vacant position on the job board of Dent Reps .