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How To Identify Automated Laminators At One Glance?

Traditional models of laminating devices are very slow and time consuming to operate. This is the very reason inventors have come up with the most updated version based on advanced laminating technology. In this regard, Matrix 530 laminator deserves special mention. Automated laminators can be easily controlled and operated with ease.

These laminators have now created a very important space in the modern corporate industry.  These devices are predominantly required for laminating different corporate essentials like business cards, flyers, brochures, book-covers, menus and other related ones. If you have a restricted space at your office then you can bring the compact version for comfortable usage.

Highlighted facts:

  • An automated feeder is available in Matrix 530 laminator. These feeders have replaced manual feeding of papers or documents for lamination. This is really a great feature and it has reduced manual labour and energy investment to a great extent.
  • Touchscreen control panel is highly facilitating in nature. You just have to put your commands with the slightest touch of your finger and the work will be done automatically. Multilingual LCD screen can enable you operating the device in quite a comfortable manner.
  • Both laminating speed and temperature can be efficiently controlled as a result of which unwanted hassles can be easily avoided. The device is very much energy efficient and thus power savings can be made.
  • Most of the models are compact and light weighted and thus they can be easily moved from one corner to another. Compact size has also facilitated the overall usage or operation.
  • The device follows special anti-curl technology which ensures that the lamination procedure will be completed smoothly without getting obstructed or interrupted by any hindrances. This is why, you can expect one shot perfection from the device.
  • Automated trimming makes the whole procedure simplified and this is why, lamination gets completed smoothly. A completely uniform appeal will be maintained just because of this specific feature. Sheet edges are being trimmed in a polished way for bringing an efficient edge sealing. Cutting mechanism can be adjusted mechanically as a result of which standard paper sizes can be maintained.  
  • Automated stacking can surely save your time a lot. Laminated pages or papers are being nicely organised so that they can be easily collected. Exit rollers are so smooth that they automatically push the papers towards the collection point as soon as the lamination task gets completed. Metallic catch arm is there for collecting the laminated papers in an accumulated manner. This arm is located just below the laminator so easy collection can be facilitated.

Matrix 530 laminator is well-known for its speedy performances. Multiple laminations can be now completed within a short period of time with the concerned device. Both digital and traditional offset printings can be easily conducted by these devices. Since the device is so very precious for corporate usage, therefore, you should maintain it in a perfect manner. In this respect, you are free to follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Manufacturers are now offering warranties over these devices and thus you can get easy repairs or servicing and that too at a reduced cost.