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What Exactly Do Furniture Removalists Do?

Let’s be honest here, when most people think about the furniture removalists, they usually envisage some burly type fellows who pick and move around heavy items such as refrigerators and pianos and then carry them down ten flights of stairs!

Also, they are often unfairly seen as uncaring about people’s much loved belongings and bash them into walls and bannistersand remain happily ignorant of any scratches, blemishes and dents which are incurred on an eighteenth century antique chest of drawers!

But to be honest, professional movers will manage all items as if they were their own. After all, it’s important to do the job properly, thus ensuring the company’s good name and reputation. Nowadays, having a bad reputation ensure limited work, especially with the simplean easy access to reviews on the internet.

Not Only about Carrying Things in and Out of a Building

Furniture removalistsdo move furniture, but that is only one part of their fulljob detail. Reliable and professional furniture removalists in Melbourne,have to manage an entire home’s worth of furniture, items and boxes.

And while removalists can come around to move individual items, like, say a pool table from downstairs to upstairs in a building, most a mover’s duties revolve around things like packing, listing, loading, moving and finally unloading all your cherished possessions. And that is in fact a profession that is not that easy or simple.

Prior to any removalist lifting a single item, he/she will come to your home and place numbered stickers on each packed box, appliance, and furniture. All of these items will then be jotted down on an inventory list. The removalists will hold one copy, and another is handed to the customer. After the customer has checked the list and signed it, the moving will begin.It does happen frequently where a customer has paid for the extra service of the movers themselves to pack up the boxes. This helps to ensure that they are packed properly to avoid the possibility of any breakages.

And away we go

Now the move can finally start, as the furniture removalists cover anything that might be scratched, scraped or easily damaged with thick blankets. Every item is then taken out and placed onto the truck, where they are securely strapped down so that there’s no movement during transit. In most cases,one of the removalists is the driver who will transport all of your things to your new abode. After arrival, the removalists then unload the truck and carry everything into your new home.

At this part of the operation, the entire moving procedure goes into reverse as the customer and removalist both tickoff every numbered box or item from their inventory sheets as they getunloaded. The perfect removal job will see to it that everything from chandeliers to double-door fridge- freezers will be moved perfectly on time and fully undamaged.

The job of a removalist is a lot more than most people think!

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