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CRM And BPM Systems – What Both Can Do For Your Enterprise

Considering the complexity and variety of a sales organization’s responsibilities and tasks, managing to reach a peek level of success, and thus productivity can be incredibly difficult. Making some changes in order to improve the effectiveness of your staff, regardless of departments, and to increase your profits is something that you should think about. Upon research, you will discover that various organizations with the same business profile just as yours have implemented CRM and BPM systems. These tools can provide a wide range of advantages, and the outcomes of their implementation will certainly be positive ones. If you want to find you exactly why the implementation of these system is a good option for your enterprise, reading the following information might help you out:

Customer relationship management – CRM software

CRM tools have become extremely popular among sales organizations for the extensive help they offer across various departments. You can learn more about their utility even by discussing with other business manager of companies similar to yours. The implementation of such a tool offers several strong benefits that will make it appealing for you as well.

A positive effect on customer experience

Because a happy customer is the key to success, in the case of sales firms, you will need to handle every detail necessary in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Today’s customer usually expects from businesses to know their needs, and to provide them with a streamlined customer experience. A good CRM system, such as the bpm’ online one or Workforce Manager, can do wonders in this department.

  • Immediate access to customer purchase history
  • Access to complete and accurate customer profile
  • Providing immediate responses – streamlining the overall customer service journey
  • Promoting products or solutions suitable for the said customer

Optimized Marketing efforts

In order to grow, and climb the ladder of success, marketing campaigns have their own vital role.  However, often, the investments made in this department can be quite large, while the results received remain unimpressive. With CRM, your marketing efforts will be optimized, and the results obtained through campaigns will be improved.

  • Access to relevant information that will contribute to the completion of effective campaigns
  • Targeting only the right clientele range – reducing marketing resources and time
  • Providing customers with offers customized to their purchase history and preferences

Coordination and collaboration across departments

Giving your staff the possibility to communicate with one another, and to coordinate their tasks more effectively can influence the success of your business’s strategies and moves. Because a CRM system allows you to store all relevant data on a single online platform, this tool provides teams easy access to the information they need to do their job by the book. No more inconveniences will longer happen due to an improper collaboration across departments.

  • A single, unified platform storing all customer data
  • Access on the go

Business process management – BPM software

While CRM comes with its own set of perks, so does BPM. A tool designed for business process management can revolutionize entirely the way your enterprise is currently run, adding efficiency and effectiveness across the entire organization. These are the things that make a system of this kind useful:


Adapting your business processes quickly, in order to suit the ongoing changes that occur in the marketplace is necessary. However, in order to manage doing that in a timely manner, having a tool to support you is required. A BPM system allows you to make processes more agile, and receive a better picture of each workflow process step. It will enable your organization to always adapt in order to stay relevant in the industry and successful at the same time.

  • Management of processes – customize, reuse and change business processes easily and rapidly
  • Rule management – keep your processes constantly on track and manage maintaining your business visible, compliant and governed
  • Automation – automate all routine daily task that take the time and effort of your employees – achieve a higher level of work productivity

Focusing on the customer

Just as CRM, BPM also has a role in terms of customer satisfaction. Servicing your clients effectively requires you to have access to important customer information, and the bpm system will provide you with a centralized depository that will help you reach that particular goal. Your staff will not have to look for client info in different locations, because they can easily reach the data in the system, where everything is kept intact and accurate.


When it comes to productive workflow, accessing status reports and sharing files and project documentation across teams is needed. Both CRM and BPM allow you to do that through the visibility that characterizes these systems. These platform give the company’s employees the chance to collaborate and share information and benefit from the visibility they require for the maximum outcomes of their efforts. Your enterprise can build compliance into your staff’s practices thanks to the variety of great features a business process management tool comes equipped with.

Staff satisfaction

Having your staff satisfied with their job is also a relevant aspect of a sales enterprise. The combination between happy employees and happy customers is the ingredient towards success. However, if your team deals with process inconveniences, with routine tasks and do not have access to tools that support their responsibilities, staff satisfaction is not a plausible goal. The implementation of a BPM software product can be advantageous from this point of view as well.

  • Process visibility
  • Collaboration and coordination
  • Project execution support
  • Obtaining ultimate job clarity – managing to understand and execute their jobs the proper way.

Both business process management and customer relationship management are essential for the smooth going of your enterprise, and relying on effective systems to handle these segments of your organizations can make an incredible difference. As you can see from the above stated information, implementing these kinds of software products can change the way your business runs for the better. Seek a vendor that can provide you with both CRM and BPM tools, one reliable example being bpm’ online.

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