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The Catering Supplies Needed To Make Great Food

If you’re looking to cater food for customers, you need to make sure that you have a good set of supplies. There are supplies that you will need to make sure that you can prepare food in many different ways and keep it warm while you are working to serve it to them. The most important aspect of a catering operation is the catering team; you and your employees need to be talented and efficient. However, you also need good equipment to make sure that you can do your job properly. The right equipment makes it much easier to make food in the way you want.

Chef’s Knife

There are three basic kinds of chef’s knives. There are German knives, French knives, and Japanese knives. A German knife has a bigger belly and a heavier spine. They are most commonly used by people who do a lot of cutting through thick cuts of meat and/or bone. They are heavy knives with strong chopping potential. A French style knife is generally more slender; it is lighter weight and easier to handle. They’re used for more delicate and precise cuts. Finally, a Japanese knife is used for many applications from delicate to bulk. It is great for certain types of hands. These are a few of the most basic pieces of wholesale catering equipment which you need to get started. A good knife is absolutely indispensable. After that, you need to make sure you have bar materials as well.

Bar Materials

Catering is not only about cooking food. You need to also be able to deliver drinks to your customers. You can hire a separate bartender or you can do the bartending yourself; either way, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to get it done. That means you need to have glasses for serving drinks, as well as measuring spoons, measuring cups, mixing implements, and shakers. If you are making a drink, you need to be able to keep all of the ingredients refrigerated as well. You’ll take them out of the refrigerator, mix them in a shaker, and then pour them into the proper glass.

There are several different types of glasses for different types of alcoholic drinks. You need to have a wide assortment of glasses because they are expected from your customers. Also, while the effects are often overblown, there are certain types of glasses that do enhance the smell and flavour of different beverages.


Make sure you buy materials to help you clean up your space as well. After you’re done, you want to be able to break down your catering station as quickly as possible. Specialised cleaning supplies make that much easier.

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