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Which Adhesive Tape Is Best For The Environment?

Custom printed packaging tape is a product, which has gained a lot of popularity within the last few years. There are four kinds of tape made with different materials, which can have a custom logo printed onto it. The one that is the most commonly found is polypropylene. This is because it is a tape that works within the budget of companies and it seals almost all boxes. Be aware that the more a box is recycled, the harder polypro tape will stick to it.

PVC is another kind of tape that is used for custom print. It is the most expensive tape on the market because of the products it is made of. The adhesive is made from a natural rubber while the film is made from a hard vinyl film. In a nutshell it is least disturbed by dusty environments and has the most aggressive adhesive.

Acrylic is tape that is best used in cold or freezing temperatures. One thing you need to know about it is acrylic film cannot be printed on. That is why it is printed on the adhesive side. Wherever the print is found on acrylic tape, the adhesive is no longer there.

The most environment-friendly tape would have to be gummed also called kraft or water-activated tape. The film is made of paper, which can be recycled without a problem with the box. In addition the adhesive is made of vegetable glue, which is fully soluble in water. Gummed tape is also one of the most resilient when it comes to getting it stuck to your packages. The wet adhesive gets into the carton fibres where the gummed tape becomes part of the box that makes it very secure and tamper evident.

Other advantages of the product are that it stays longer on the shelves once manufactured. It even deteriorates slower than the other packing tapes. Once applied onto the package, it is resistant to humidity and varying temperatures. Since the world is moving towards a more online and ordering/receiving products through the web, there are more shipping materials being produced. That is why it is important to also take a look at the impact it has on the environment.

There was once a time we did not use or even need to use the amount of plastic we use today. Even places where they did not need to use plastic, they have adopted the behaviour of the use of plastics. Therefore to stop contributing to the problem of creating more waste, it is best to go with the use of gummed tape for custom print.

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