A fellow #poetry lover…/Auch eine #Lyrik Liebhaberin…

This is a post from 2013 where I gave some blog love to those who followed me. Unfortunately, she has stopped blogging:

… and working bi-lingual German/English. Her name? Quirina who likes to procrastinate but also poetry and art. Her blog The minds sky is a compendium of wonderful poetry as well as great art that has inspired her.

She is following me for 3 months and 3 weeks and here is my gratitude for her: Thanks a lot, Quirina!!!!!

(Links in diesem Eintrag sind in englischer Sprache)

Dieser Beitrag ist von 2013, wo ich den Nachfolgern meines alten Blogs ein wenig Blog Liebe weitergegeben habe. Leider bloggt sie nicht mehr:

…und sie arbeitet zweisprachig: Englisch/Deutsch. Ihr Name?  Quirina, die gerne faulenzt aber auch Lyrik und Kunst liebt. Ihr Blog  The minds sky ist eine Zusammenstellung von wunderschoener Lyrik und grossartiger Kunst, die sie inspiriert hat.

Sie folgt mir seit 3 Monaten und 3 Wochen und hier ist mein Danke-schoen an sie: Vielen herzlichen Dank  Quirina!!!!!

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7 Replies to “A fellow #poetry lover…/Auch eine #Lyrik Liebhaberin…”

  1. Thank you for the ping back to my blog in your related articles! And thanks for introducing your blog to me. I will be sure to look around. Looks like some great poetry and literature here.

    1. HI there you are welcome. Hope your reading went well yesterday or is it still today with you? Sorry I always get the time difference between the US and UK wrong. Anyway hope it goes/went well. Thanks for your compliment and seems to me like your blog is worth reading as well. See you soon

  2. Danke schön! That is so lovely of you. That image is really beautiful, the fossil ammonite set amongst other pebbles with petals strewn upon them, here and there. I actually have my reading of a German poem on my blog as the most current post. “Das Veilchen” von Goethe habe ich gelesen. Machen Sie es gut. 🙂

    1. Gern geschehen and thanks again for following me. I actually had not had a lot of chance to read your blog but I will as it really looks lovely. Have a great evening und einen schoenen Abend 🙂

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