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Everything You Need To Know About The SEO Audit

SEO audit is an important aspect of every SEO strategy. When done by a qualified Freelance SEO Essex or similar others specialist you will able to identify the possible flaws those hindering your site rankings. The SEO audits are centred on the technical segment of the Search Engine Optimisation. Whether you have recently established a new online business or want to determine how you’re SEO strategies are heading, conducting an SEO audit is imperative.

Technical SEO checklist

There is a wealth of vast checklist which is under the technical SEO category. Nowadays, there are several online tools and software that help in doing a thorough SEO audit. This is done to establish that your business website compiles with the search engine algorithm best practices.  Below is a sample checklist on the technical SEO for a website-

A generic SEO checklist

Does your site have the sitemap.xml file uploaded? If not, then you always seek the professional help of a trustworthy Freelance SEO Essex or similar others expert to add a sitemap to your site.

Is your website has the SSL certificate?

Does your website have the Robot.txt file uploaded?

Find out the entire broken internal link in your site, also check whether the 404 redirections are working or not.

You also need to pay great emphasis on the website loading speed of the site. If your website takes time to load, then you have to implement the best SEO strategies to lower the time for the webpage to load.

Then, check out if the content on your site has the primary keywords. Are the posts read friendly? This is important to the success of your SEO plan.

Off page SEO audit

Off page SEO audit involves determining how your site perform on the online front. Does your business site have a good online performance? This can be achieved the backlink ecosystem of your website, does your site getting quality links? If not, based on the report presented after conducting a thorough SEO audit, off page SEO works needs to be done. Does this involve how your site online reputation is? In addition to that, devote time to analyse whether your business is receiving a high-quality reference from top-rated DA and PA sites.

Why do I need to hire an expert?

While there are tools available nowadays those let you do the SEO audit in a matter of minutes, but the results are still generic. To obtain precise knowledge about site performance over the online world, it is best to hire a competent SEO expert. Don’t contract anyone, put in the efforts to research well, obtain one more one quote, weigh term in terms of pricing and features to make the right bet.

You probably come to know what an SEO audit is and it works.