War with Berthold Brecht ~ 3 Day #Quote Challenge

Thank you very much Cyranny over at “Cyranny’s Cove” for inviting me a couple of days ago to the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I feel much honoured and am a little embarrassed that I forgot all about it in my muddled blogging brain.

But I got around to it and even got to day 3. Cool…

And today I didn’t forget the rules ūüėČ :

– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Post a quote for three consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
– Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
– Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.


Looks like I need to get my translation hat on because I could not find a translation anywhere for this quote by Berthold Brecht:

The great Carthago waged three wars. It was still powerful after the first. It was still habitable after the second. It was nowhere to be found after the third. 

I think Mr Brecht has a point there and a couple of today’s politicians should keep this one in mind when they decide to send our soldiers out wherever they think they should be sent out. It’s no secret that I am a proper lefty and I doubt wars are as necessary as some think they are. After all, Gandhi¬†brought the great British Empire down without a war while Britain waged quite a bit of a war against him and his movement. So did those who loved segregation both in the United States and South Africa against Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

I believe there are other ways to solve conflicts. Early diplomacy for example. And actually acting in accordance with your countries values and not just saying and then having secret prisons somewhere¬†where you can torture and do what you please anyway. And maybe facing your problems at home with some honour and not trying to distract your countries public with some foreign policy that just brings trouble to everybody. But what do I know? I am just a simple woman who’s muddled brain works somehow different than everybody else’s¬†and who just doesn’t get it.

I doubt very much that countries who have no army would be that much worse off. Because violence breeds more violence. And because all these so-called¬†Christian countries who supposedly follow a man who openly was against war¬†should stop being such hypocrites. Oh dear, I’m getting into a bit of a rage here.

I believe most wars could be stopped before they start. Everybody knew what Hitler was up to. The allies were warned long before Hitler went into Poland. Saddam Hussein was helped by the West to keep his power. And as for Mr Assad: It certainly isn’t his first chemical attack against his own people. I am sorry but all that blabla¬†about democracy and human rights is all ….¬†no, better not use the rude words.

Does that explain why I like that quote? Sorry, my dear readers if I have become a little less objective and a little more sarcastic but to be honest that war thing bothers me a lot. And it bothers me more and more looking at what the strong men in the East are up to. Maybe I grew up too long in a parted Germany. Maybe I visited a couple too many communist countries when I was a teenager. Maybe I know a couple of people in Syria. Maybe…

Well, I better shut up and nominate three more bloggers:

  1. Misty Harvey
  2. Susan Rushton
  3. Cooking From The Heart

This challenge was really fun. Again thanks to Cyranny¬†and if you ever get a nomination consider taking part even though you usually don’t. After all it is good to get our of your comfort zone sometimes.


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