Top 5 Automotive Startups In India

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and so is the love for automotives. Hence, with the increased number of vehicles on the roads, the number of automotive startups is at a full-fledged increase. The automobile industry is one of the fast growing sectors in India and accounts for a total of 7.1 per cent of the GDP (gross domestic product).

Thus, it goes without saying, this sector is contributing heavily towards the growth and prosperity of the country. Soon, the Indian automotive sector will turn out to be the biggest auto market in the world. Presently, India is the third largest destinations for investors from around the globe to bank on.

There are several factors that contribute to the growth of India in this field. We might have noticed that the market is getting filled with top class segments with product innovations to its peak. A positive economy and the improvement of the banking structure really helps when you are speaking about a fast growing economic sector.

Among this encouraging market conditions, there are quite a few number of industries that have really made the most of the situation and have come out victorious in the field of automotives. These startups have been able to make a big name for itself besides promoting the economy. Out of all of the startups from every corners of India, it boils down to the top 5 such companies you simply can deny as being the best. – Sell your used cars online, without any hassle is one of the few online portals that provide top notch service to the people who wish to sell their used cars. The entire process is hassle-free and many of the customers have provided testimony to it. works in two simple steps – free inspection with a hassle free experience and instant payment (money is transferred to the customer’s bank account). This all important startup is very functional in cities like Bengaluru, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, etc. – The online automobile service provider is a one stop shop (web portal and app) that can proudly claim “where customers meet car service providers”. Though the portal in very functional only in the southernmost part of India, it can be well described as the master of the place. provides one click solution for various issues that arise in your car or motorcycle anytime, any day. It provides services like doorstep car assistance and services, car wash, car repairing and painting, tyre replacement, etc. Apart from this, if you have been under a serious condition of car breakdown in the middle of your journey, the company also provides 24-hours breakdown towing service. A pretty deserving prominent startup in India, right! – The all-in-one place to buy yourself any automobile you wish

Much to the present trending ways of the present generation, where everything is moved online for a much more convenient and hassle-free lifestyle. Although there are various online portals that offer buying and selling of new or used products online, is an online portal which is dedicated to provide top notch service to its customers. The speciality of this website is that it is dedicated to the auto industry and does not deal with any other products or services, and thus, excels in their provided services. has a special credit to its name. Starting from bicycles to private jet airplanes, Droom has it all. – Find details and stay updates about your favourite and latest cars here is presently one of the top ranked automobile portals that assist buyers to choose the best suited cars for them. Any new launches, old models, upcoming car, etc. you will get the details on Autoportal. Apart from just being an automobile portal, this online based company is also an active blog, with regular updates of news of everything that happens around in the automobile world. The website is considered to be one of the most trusted portals in the country. – Buy or sell cars and bikes on the go is popular automotive startup that helps users to buy or sell new and used cars that are perfect for them. The company also has collaborations with various automakers and more than 4,000 dealers across India. went live in 2008 and was set up by fresh IT graduates. There are many investors and shareholders of the company like HDFC Bank, Ratan Tata, Times Internet, etc.

Summing up

All of the automotive startups in India have contributed greatly to the world of development. Be it small or major, each one of them play a very vital role, playing their parts to perfection. However, the above listed names have turned out to be the most promising ones out of the bunch and can be expected to be major names in redefining the Indian automobile industry.

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