The Bee on "Tales of the Dragonfly"

Hi there dear Readers,

Tamara Ferguson author of “Tales of the Dragonfly Book I: In Tandem” and “That Unforgettable Kiss (Kissed By Fate Book 1)” invited me for a guest post on her blog.  A few months ago Tamara was a guest here on “The Bee Writes…” with her inspiring interview for “The Bee Talks With…”. So it was no question I would follow her invitation as soon as I could.

Since a long time, I felt the temptation to answer my ownquestions for my interview series “The Bee Writes…”. And I used this opportunity to do exactly that. 
I am proud to present Tamara’s interview here and my guest post here

Now my dear readers: go, read and have lots of fun 🙂


Good Morning Writers" ~ 11Jan16

Good morning writers,

How are you doing? How is your writing going? I hope you had a great weekend and found some new inspiration!

I have offered you two great articles about “setting goals” and “leaving the day job” in the last two weeks. Today I will “just” do some plain self-advertising.

The Bee Talks With… is still running

It might not be obvious, but my “The Bee Talks With…” series is still running. I have had a little low key in the last few months due to my mental health challenges. Last week though I have invited two authors to take part and both have agreed.

Shellie Blum and Doona Vaal my next guests

Therefore “Surfer Girl” Shellie Blum will tell you about her writing adventure this week Thursday. She is still the only female freestyle waterski  “Ramp Master” in the world and I am looking forward to bring you her interview.

The week afterwards we have the pleasure to meet Donna Vaal who’s new book will be out in February or March 2016. You can find a glimpse of her story over at her blog, and I find it sounds exciting. She has kindly agreed to tell us in a guest post about her new book.

Who else has taken part?

Over 30 authors have taken the advantage already, and you might have come across one of my “advertising posts” on Twitter, G+ and Facebook.
If you are interested who took the plunge 😉 then have a look here.

Would you like some exposure for your book?

If you are looking for some exposure for your new book, then you are more than welcome here on “The Bee Writes…”. Check out “Bookish Things” on top of the blog to find out more or contact me via the contact form on the right side. Also via with the subject “bookish things”.

Am looking forward to hearing from you!

The End is near

Is 2015 really soon over? I can’t believe how times flies.

2015 was eventful

2015 was an eventful year not only on the bigger stage of the world but for me personally too. My mental health went up and down. For most of the year, I managed depression, PTSD and anxiety really well even though I often posted how I struggle with it.

Mental Health down

In November though I had a major flashback that threw me back a lot. I am through the worst now and can concentrate on more creative things that I really enjoy.


I am grateful for my family and friends both off- and online who are at my side and support me. Most of all my husband 🙂 Love you dearly!!!!! Thanks, guys and gals! Couldn’t do it without all of you!

Happy events

There have been a few pleasant milestones too:

I started the year taking part in Linda G. Hill’s “Just Jot it January” which will take place in a few days time again. It was a great blogging experience and even though at first I wanted to skip it in 2016 I changed my mind. The reason is: I offered a prompt for her 2016 event and, of course, I have to take part now :-).

Love Is In Da Blog

Love Is In Da Blog

Her “Just Jot it January” resulted in me wanting to do my own event and out of nowhere appeared “Love Is In Da Blog“. Linda also agreed kindly to connect her “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” (I take part in it on and of) with “Love Is In Da Blog” and that helped a lot.

Love Is In Da Blog” is a blog event about love where I post a weekly theme and a daily prompt that you can use in any creative way you please. I mainly wrote poetry in 2015, but it is open to short fiction, Stream of Consciousness writing, photography, music and anything you would love to create.

And these wonderful guys and gals took part this year:

I am in the planning stage for 2016 and will incorporate other media this year too.

typical Swiss photo

typical Swiss photo


After three years spending our holidays at the home beaches of Norfolk, UK we allowed ourselves two outings this year. One went to Hay-on-Wye to the famous literature event “Hay Festival“. My step-daughter is a huge fan of Jaqueline Wilson and by accident, I found out that she would be there, so I got us tickets, and we went.

Unfortunately, my husband and I could not get many days off, so it was a little hurried but seeing Mrs Wilson was great.

In summer, we had the chance to spend a week in Switzerland where we met my uncle whom I haven’t seen in years. We took it slow and used half a week to drive to Switzerland via Germany where we met my brother, step-mother and one of my best friends. It was so lovely to see everybody after such a long time!

We spent our time in Switzerland at the B&B owned by Kathy and Robert Muedespacher in Wald, which is a beautiful place. Both Kathy and Robert are excellent hosts who make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive. If you want to experience “proper” Swiss living at affordable prices, then please check out their holiday let and B&B here.

It is certainly worth it!

English frapalymo

typical Swiss photo

#frapalymo and “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt.”

You know that I love to write every day, not Nobel Prize worthy poetry and one of my favourite events of the year is #frapalymo. It is a German #poetry project in which @FrauPaulchen offers daily poetry prompts in May and November. I translate them since a few years to allow non-German speaking poets to take part.

It is a most intense and creative time and I am looking forward to take part in 2016

A little later in the year, I started “The Day Jobbers Essential Poetry Prompt” which takes part over at “The Bee Writes…“. On Wednesdays, I offer a poetry prompt that you can use and post your poem on your blog. If you leave your link in the comments, I head over to read and of course advertise for them on my social media. Unfortunately, pingbacks do not work on Blogger but it’s always nice to find a comment on my blog.


Reviewing for “Butterfly-O-Meter” and “BookTourTips”

I have been reviewing books for “Butterfly-O-Meter” since 2014 but had to say goodbye due to my mental health worsening this year.A big  “Thanks” to Livia, who is an excellent host and made me feel welcome. You can find some great books over there so feel free to hop over and have a look

BookTourTips helps authors to advertise their books. I have written several book reviews and conducted some interviews for Kate, who too is a great host. I have found a few real gems, but you better have a look here.


Author Interviews

“The Bee Writes…” gives authors the chance to advertise for their books with “The Bee Talks With…” and guest posts. It has been a little quiet at that front lately but both will continue in 2016


Mindful Monday and Writer’s Quote Wednesday

And last but not least I have taken part in Coleen’s brilliant memes Mindful Monday and Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Just head over to Coleen’s blog and check them out!

Thanks Coleen for such great experiences!


What’s up in the new year?

Well, of course, I want to keep up all my blog events and take part in “Just Jot It January” and #frapalymo but you never know what life will throw at you. All of them are planned though and on top, I have decided to start a new venture where I can explore different ways of healing and deal with mental health topics. If time allows I will write for other pages and blogs too but I feel I need to take good care of myself in the next few months, therefore, I need to keep to my own rhythms.


Wow, to be honest, I did not realise that there has been so many events and so much writing in my life. It has been a great year, and I hope yours was too.

In this sense

In this sense have a great New Years Eve, a great 2016 and may your life and creativity be blessed!

Sabor Latino on Writing His Second Book

Today I am honoured to have Sabor Latino as my guest blogger. I have met him a few months ago on my other blogging pad where he took part in “The Bee Talks With…“.

Sabor is a musician and writer and one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. I am glad that his second book “My Greatest Poems and Songs” is out early in 2016. He has kindly agreed to tell us how writing his second book was for him. But now over to Sabor:



Sabor Latino


Writing my second book was an amazing experience. The reason I say writing my second book was an amazing experience is for three reasons:

The first reason is because this book actually allowed me to really dig deep down inside my soul, and create something special that will live forever. To put things in more perspective, it actually took me six months to write this book. I remember first writing the outline. Second, I began to write the poems in which the total is twenty-four. Moving forward, third, I wrote three albums of music, in which total twenty songs. I also decided to write an introduction on my purpose of the book. Lastly, the book ends with “Words of Inspiration”. With that said, the purpose of my new book is to continue to inspire individuals to stay positive in life, and never give up on their dreams. As for “Words of Inspiration”, it was created to touch the individual inner soul, to understand that mistakes are OK to make. But the point is, that we must learn from these mistakes, and help others not to commit your mistakes.

The second reason, that writing my second book was an amazing experience, is because of the challenge to write it in Spanish. I always knew that I had the potential to write a book in Spanish, but never really had the courage to take on the challenge. With that said, I decided to finally write a book in Spanish. So many emotions were going on as I was writing this book. So many memories came back. But, they were memories that needed to be expressed and published. I truly believe this book, is by far my best work. In addition, I wanted to make sure that the book cover was exactly done, on what I was trying to portray. Honestly, it actually came out better than I thought.

Furthermore, writing my new book also helped me to cure myself from so many negative situations that I have been through in my life. A lot of authors may write to get rich from their publications, but on the other hand, I write for two reasons. The first reason is, for therapy. For example, I find that writing gives me a sense of peace. I can actually sit down in my own room, and let my imagination and feeling take over the moment. I begin to get into the flow. Once this happens, I can write about my feelings for days. In addition, I love to create music, but writing books for me is more of a challenge.

The second reason I write is to help any individual in life with encouragement and positive inner soul inspiration. So many of us have so many inspiring observations but are afraid to talk about them. But, if we only knew that so many individuals can learn from their observations. I think it is very important to talk about these observations, not only to help others, but also to feel good about ourselves when we see that person we talked to about our observations flourish in their lives. Overall, at times it’s OK to help others the best we can. This inspiring approach is the only way we can change this world into a better place to live.

The third reason writing my second book was an amazing experience is because I knew that once I publish my second book, I would once again keep my legacy going. I have always believed that one publication gets your foot in the door; your second publication puts the icing on the cake; your third publication now becomes legacy. I also think with my new publication, it will allow the readers and my followers, to truly see that Sabor Latino is serious about making a change in this world.

Sabor Latino has recently announced, that he has started working on his third book titled 125 Quotes Gathered From My Life’s Observations’. It is another book full of inspiration, which has 125 quotes and five chapters on different topics made to inspire individuals to be the best they can be. This publication will be released in late 2017.



New Book coming out in 2016


Sabor Latino also states that he would like to say thanks to all of his college professors for always pushing him to do better. He would also like to say thanks, to all of his family for always inspiring him to be a good person. He would also like to say thanks to all his basketball friends for their special inspiration. Lastly, He would like to say thanks to his parents, for always understanding him in the good and bad times. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for their love and support. In addition, he would also like to say thanks to all his followers for their support. Lastly, he would like to say thanks to his son Jacob for always being so understanding of his father. God bless everyone.

Roberto Torres/Sabor Latino

Thank you very much for taking the time to be on “Fooling around with Bee” and much success for your second book!

And if you want to know more: Here are the links 🙂

Sabor’s Blog

Sabor on Youtube

Sabor on Amazon

Sabor on Facebook

Sabor on Twitter

Sabor on G+

No Jot It Today….

…. even though my love is not gone away ;-).

I just can’t be bothered. The Cider tastes nice, the fire cackles a little beside me and I am ready for bed. Therefore, I encourage you to hop over to my usual writing pad “The Bee Writes…” and have a stroll around there.

Some suggestions?

I don’t want to be in that dark place (Good Morning Writers!)

Out of Practice Aphrodite (book review)

Crow (Big Garden Watch and poem)

Lisa ( Sad Lisa and the cats)

The Bee Talks With… (author interviews)

Coffee (a poem)

Well, it’s not that I force you to read any of THAT stuff :-)…

Garden Watch

Garden Watch

Second Serving Sunday ~ A New Blogging Routine

marsh land

It’s two weeks since the last “Second Serving Sunday” post, and I am quite happy with my new blogging routine. As you might have realised I only blog “A Prompt A Day For Bee” daily and have cut down other posts to “Good Morning Writers!”, “The Bee Talks With…”, Guest posts, “Resources for free” and book reviews.

From now on only “Good Morning Writers!” and “The Bee Talks With…” are weekly features. All the others happen fortnightly or whenever they reach me. That change had hardly an effect on the views of the blog that shows me I took the right decision to cut out certain things.

But it allowed me to start writing, “Zara” for real. 500 words a day as I document on “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey“. It’s still hard for me to accept that deep down in my heart I am a writer no matter what else I try to do to earn money. But that does not matter anymore. I just sit down and write those 500 words a day. Later I will rewrite whatever needs rewriting. I will edit the whole lot and then make a book out of it. One way or the other.

It feels good to know where to go. If feels good to have little steps that I can take every day that will lead to achieving my goal.

Also, a lot has happened in these two weeks. It feels a little like after 9/11 when the world was in shock after the heinous attacks on the World Trade Centre. Maybe the authorities should have known better than to underestimate fundamentalists. The attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris just show how much more diverse and more difficult to detect terrorism has become lately.

I can remember specialists on terrorism in the early 90’s warning the governments that it will get a lot worse if they don’t do anything against growing fundamentalism. I can’t remember governments agreeing on that judgement.

What I see around me are disappointed people who feel left behind in a world


changing rapidly. And they flock to fundamentalists of all religions as well as to right-wing political parties. All those who see the world or try to make us see the world as “US or THEM” or “GOOD or BAD”. Nothing in between.

The reality is though that there are lots of “us’s and them’s” and “good’s and bad’s” everywhere. Nothing has only one side in this reality. There is always a hidden one, and it looks like that’s a hard thing to accept for any of us.

On the brighter side, though I had the chance to meet lots of incredible authors who gave their time freely to join me and talk to me. A big “Thank You” to all of them at this point.

Things have also changed reading wise. Looks like I am developing in a book reviewer, and I get books to review in exchange for an honest review. I also have signed up with, who bring together published authors and book bloggers. Little Bee would never have thought she could do what she really loves and get something for it. How wonderful today’s internet world is.

And she reads. I always say to all of them that I am a slow reader, and it might need a while until I would be able to review the books. I hate to get hopes high. So far I could get all in, and I am mighty proud of that.

So that are my goals for 2015!

I know I used a lot of words for those but maybe I break them down a little for you and add a few:

  • “A Prompt A Day For Bee” daily til 31st May 2015
  • 3 extra posts a week for “The Bee Writes…”
  • 1 post a day for “Fooling Around With Bee
  • 1 post a day for “Zara ~ A Writing Odyssey”
  • 500 words on first draft of “Zara”
  • reading
  • reviewing
  • household chores in little steps
  • gardening in little steps
  • exercise in little steps
  • shopping more and more with small businesses

Does that sound much? It does not feel it as I don’t force myself but do it as my personal rythm allows. And in little stepsl

In this sense: May you achieve your 2015 goals in little steps!

light house

And if you do a summary post on your blog: please feel free to take part in Second Serving Sunday:

  1. Write a blog post which summarises what happened on your blog and in your life (if you want to) throughout the week, the second-serving so to speak
  2. Link your post to this one by posting a comment in the comment section of this post that others can visit yours
  3. Visit at least one of the links posted here on this blog (well of course as soon as there will be any ;-))
  4. Have fun enjoying great blogs
  5. Have fun with it – really. Make it your own; like a journal, or a scrapbook, or a video…or whatever tickles your fancy. Let you shine through!

And please do not forget to visit the “inventoress” of “Second Serving Sunday” Shan at “Shanjeniah’s Lovely Chaos

second serving sunday

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas dear readers, may you have a happy holiday and if you are in difficult situations may you find help and support. 

will resume on January 8th 2015

Second Serving Sunday ~ A Blogging Week

Second Serving Sunday

Another week over and it’s nearly Christmas. Well,  no not really. Another month and a few days is quite some time. However, Christmas adverts pop up everywhere and for those who celebrate Thanksgiving in November that one is more important right now.

Holiday & Blogging

For me, it was a quiet week. Holiday from the day job and I used it to get some grip on the blogging. Had enough time not only to write this weeks posts but got next weeks sorted and a few other posts in advance.

I had the chance to ask some more authors to take part in “The Bee Talks With…” which means I can offer you interviews up to the 4th of December and some more are in waiting. I am so excited as they are from all walks of life and most of all from different genres.

Challenging Prompts at #frapalymo

This month of course is in a way easier for “A Prompt A Day For Bee” as I am taking part in #frapalymo but on the other hand it is also more challenging. Sophie’s prompts are so versatile you have to be quite flexible to follow her lead. And I love that but to translate the prompts into English is sometimes a real challenge. Never mind.

This Week on The Bee Writes…

This week I had time to show you another free resource for your writing career: it is the Freelance Folder, which gives you so much information and so many tips for your writing life.

I have been so free to combine Wordless Wednesday with my most favourite writing prompt “Lean against… and listen” and I can’t wait to do more of those.

One of my favourite authors has been so kind to take part in “The Bee Talks With…”. If you have not read anything from Derek Haines’ then you should go and get at least one of his diverse books. My suggestion: “One last love” or his newest Eyes That Could Kill.

On Friday I went to fight with dragons when I reviewed Daniel Arenson’s “Blood of Requiem“.


And what is on next week? 

The hip hop artist Sabor Latino has kindly agreed to let us have a peek into his writing life as he will soon publish his biography. His positive attitude has impressed me deeply, so please do not miss “The Bee Talks With…” on Thursday. I will review the wonderful short story collection “Spilt Milk” by D.K. Cassidy and of course some motivation on Monday and more stream of consciousness on Wednesday. Oh, and not to forget some more resources for free but that will stay my secret until Tuesday :-).

And what’s been going on on your blog?

Please let us know. If you want to like this:

  1. Write a blog post which summarises what happened on your blog and in your life (if you want to) throughout the week, the second-serving so to speak
  2. Link your post to this one by posting a comment in the comment section of this post that others can visit yours
  3. Visit at least one of the links posted here on this blog (well of course as soon as there will be any ;-))
  4. Have fun enjoying great blogs
  5. Have fun with it – really. Make it your own; like a journal, or a scrapbook, or a video…or whatever tickles your fancy. Let you shine through!

And do not forget to visit the “inventoress” of “Second Serving Sunday” Shan at “shanjeniah’s lovely chaos