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The Reasons To Get A Slatwall Panel For Your Retail Outlets

Slatwall panels are part of the essentials when you have a retail store. The classic cabinet designs are outdated and slatwalls are commonly used in the retail industry. These are also called wall coverings perfect for product displays. The slatwalls are usually made of MDF that has slots for you to be able to display multiple accessories.

KC Store Fixtures is one of the best online stores that can provide you with any type of slatwall that will be perfect for your displays. So if you are interested to buy some for your store, this online shop is the best place to go online. But what do we need to know before purchasing slatwalls? Let us go ahead and find out.

The Benefits of Slatwalls

The slatwalls have varying styles, from wall panels to free standing fixtures. Basically anything that you need for your space. These are very easy to assemble and a perfect DIY or Do It Yourself project. You can easily remodel and give you retail store a totally new look. Here are the reasons why slatwalls are becoming very popular these days.

  • Very Durable. Unlike plastic display cabinets, these slatwall are known to be very durable. These slatwalls have amazing life span and cannot be damaged easily. They can even hold heavier displays that can be easily inserted to the metal rails.
  • Easy on the Budget. Unlike other display options, these slat walls are pocket-friendly.
  • Stylish and Customized Design. Slatwalls have different styles and finish, and it comes in different shapes and sizes. If you want to make a unique display for your retail outlet, you should get one of these.
  • Easy To Set-up. These slatwalls are user friendly. You won’t be needing manpower of use any power tools to set this up. They are very easy to assemble and fixed anytime.

Helpful Tips In Choosing A Slatwall Panel

When choosing a slatwall panel, you have to choose wisely. Here are the important things that you should check before you make your choice.

  • Material. These slatwalls are made of different materials. This would depend on your preference. There are those made of MDF which can guarantee you of durability and its ability to hold heavy displays. You can also choose the ones made of MMDF similar to the materials used to make PVC.
  • Finish. If you want to decorate your space, you have a wide selection of finish and laminate that you can choose from. This will bring a different personality and appearance to your store.
  • Groove Spacing. This is the most important characteristic that you should check because the size of the groove will determine the strength of the slatwall.

With the modern interior design, using slatwalls is one of the latest trends. If you are looking into giving your retail store’s interior a different look, you should consider using slatwalls. As mentioned above it is durable, stylish, easy to assemble, and very affordable. What are you waiting for? Visit KC Store Fixtures today and order your slatwall panels.