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Why There Is Need Of Technical Ceramics Products For Your Project

Technical ceramics, also known as industrial or engineering ceramics are the advanced ceramics equipped with outstanding biochemical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The technical applications are majorly dependent on the distinct characteristics of the technical ceramics that can be advanced with research and development.

The technical ceramics made components are very much ahead of the plastics and metals and can meet the technical challenges like a pro.

Technical ceramics are used widely in specific industries:

  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive sector
  • Energy and environment
  • General equipment
  • Electronics

Do you know?

The contemporary technical ceramics product portfolio reveals the profound spectrum of material properties:

  • Technical ceramics have aesthetic outlook
  • It has adoring finish
  • It has a good compressive strength
  • It is Tough in nature
  • It has a fine bend strength
  • It has an ability of chemical resistance
  • The density and stiffness are measured as per Young’s modulus
  • It is compatible with food
  • One of the important properties is the dielectric strength
  • Non-corrosive in nature
  • Electrical insulation is another essential characteristic
  • High-octane piezoelectricity
  • It is resistant to shock, erosion and thermal fluctuation
  • It can withstand various temperature
  • It is adapted to metallisation

If you require omnipotent solutions for your designed projects, choose the technical ceramic components’ manufacturers that have years of vast experience and can potentially develop customer-centric resolutions.

Few makers have created parts for ceramic inserts, space shuttle, microelectronic packaging, automotive oxygen sensors and high traffic railings. Elan Technology is one such renowned name. We can take examples from it and get the notions of the reputed organisations that operate on the same market.

The highest level of standard products and services are delivered by these companies catering to complete customer satisfaction.

Strategic steps are taken from start to end – analysis of incoming raw materials to the specification of the final products. The highly skilled professionals minutely supervise each detail of the whole process.

The engineers working with technical ceramics can produce customised compositions for any type of application demanded by the clients. The cost-effective progress of the specific compositions is offered through the spray drying appliances and speculative scale milling. You will be offered an unparalleled transition from origin to finished product by dint of flexible and high- volume spray-drying and milling abilities.

In fact, a company like Elan has coherently manufactured more than 12, 000 die sets and tools of different geometrical sizes and shapes.

If you go to a well-established manufacturer, you can lower the cost and also the production lead times due to the extensive inventory.

Besides, these manufacturers and service providers properly maintain a whole ‘in-house machining shop.’ The customers are attended by the white collared experts in the matter of tooling design and manufacturing viability.

For your information, the technical ceramic inserts and the integrants range from- ½ milligram /smaller than 0.020 inches – heavier than one pound/ more substantial than 2 inches. Whether you have a small-scale proposition or a multi-million assignment, you will be welcomed with expeditious prototype development.

Hitherto, you will avail a detailed solution through a wide array of operations like forming, sintering, green machining, coating, post fired grinding, assembling of the components, etc. The highest grade technical ceramics like cordierite, alumina ceramic, zirconia, steatite and much more will quench all the needs for your industrial applications that require wear resistant insulators, inserts and various other parts.