Natural Artisan Bar Soap – The In Thing

Even after so many technological and industrial advancements, for most people around the world, soap is a toiletry with a four letter word for its name that when used leaves their skin feeling tight and dry!

A brief insight into the history of soap

Back in the year 1916, a German scientist named Fritz Gunther developed what is later known to be the commercial detergent. It was during the First World War where the shortage of cleansing fats motivated the young scientist to develop an alternative for cleaning. The traditional lye-based and fat-based products available at that time were expensive and available in limited amounts. The shortage of such products continued in the era of the Second World War which further supported Gunther’s experiments where he refined his invention, the detergent.

Since detergent was inexpensive to produce, it easily found its way into the skin care industry. The earlier forms of detergent were harsh in nature and further developments led to the addition of phosphates in the formula making it more tolerable for human skin.

The evolution of detergent is still in progress. It finds extensive application as an active ingredient in the skin care industry for the production of hand soap, body wash and of course, beauty bars.

Why commercial skin cleaners are bad news?

Both independent and monitored research conducted in dermatology around the world has proved that modern-day commercial skin care products dry out the skin with regular use. Commercial skin care products damage the primary layer of the skin by removing the natural moisturizer lipids resulting in a dry, tight-feeling skin after every wash.

The skin is your shield when it comes to keeping harmful elements in the environment outside of your body. A dry and chapped skin means cracks and fissures in your shield which can become a breeding ground for bacteria leading to skin infections and several other diseases.

Here are the top benefits of artisan natural bar soap



A handcrafted natural bar soap offers users with a healthier and milder option when it comes to cleaning their skin.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Natural Ingredients

Artisan bars of soap are made using all natural ingredients which enables you to safely clean your skin without irritations. Instead of bombarding your skin with chemical ingredients in your so-called “deodorant” or “beauty” soap, it is a better choice for your skin and helps it retain its natural oils also.

  • Glycerin Goodness

Glycerin is always considered good for skin and is even used as medicine. It can have a wonderful effect on the skin. Research says plant naturally contains about 8-13% Glycerin. It helps the skin maintain its natural moisture after wash and thus reducing dryness .

pH Levels

Ph levels are important for maintaining the skin’s natural barrier, usually the pH is around 9-10 for Natural Bar Soap. This makes the soap a more effective and less harsher cleanser . The inclusion of natural oils like coconut oil in our soap provide the much needed nutrients which help to maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.

  • Although natural bar soap smells good but chemically made soaps can smell better. It should be remembered that the smell comes from artificially added perfumes that mass producers add in their soaps to mask the smell of the chemical agents used. Natural bar soaps are made using natural ingredients meaning no artificial perfume are added thereby no side effects.
  • Natural bar soap is generally made using what is known as the slow cold press process. When heat is not at all introduced into the mix, the natural qualities of the ingredients are left untouched meaning there is no need to add filler ingredients in the soap. It is beneficial for your skin since your skin won’t be subjected to the harmful effects of chemical filler ingredients.

Back in the day, the bars of soap that were used both commercially and domestically were harsh as they were made that way. The reason was the effective removal of dirt and grime from pots, pans and clothes as well as been cost effective. The concept still is being carried on in the soap manufacturing lines where manufacturers produce soap bars that leave the skin dry, yet clean. Now we know what types of harmful effects can be there on our skin so why not choose bars of artisan soap for best results naturally!

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