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Job Hunting For Those Who Are Skills Rich But Time Poor

Job Hunting For Those Who Are Skills Rich But Time Poor

So you’ve decided the current job you are in doesn’t really tick all the right boxes. You have itchy feet, want to move on, broaden your horizons – and all the other clichés you care to mention.

But there’s a problem. When you are in full time employment, finding the time to job search is a nightmare. It’s not impossible, but it certainly ain’t easy. Here are some strategies to help those who want to climb up the career ladder and move on, whilst already doing the nine-to-five thing…

Call in back-up 

One of the quickest ways of reaching a large number of potential employers is by signing up with a recruitment agency.  Agencies such as  will do the time consuming legwork for you, searching for suitable positions on your behalf. Make sure that you brief your recruitment consultant thoroughly so that he or she is able to produce focused leads that are relevant and suited to your skills, qualifications and experience. Remember, you are time poor, so let Active Recruittake the pressure off and find you the new position you deserve. Also, to avoid any awkward moments with your current employers remember to tell any recruitment agencies if you want to keep your job search confidential.

Looking for work for lunch

Instead of just eating a sandwich in the park, why not use time in your lunch hour to research new career opportunities? It is indiscreet to search online job sites from your work computer, but there’s no reason not to do it from your mobile phone during breaks. If you have active job applications open, it is important to regularly check your messages in case you need to respond promptly.

Let technology speed you along

Use the little time you have well by making sure you are organised. Set up an email address and voice-mail specifically for your job search – this keeps everything in one place and streamlines the whole operation. Have an up to the minute CV always available so you can send one off at a moment’s notice. Use a CV template that can be easily edited to suit different applications – the main body of the document will remain the same but when you tailor a CV exactly to the individual employer it is far more professional.

Use social networking to seek employment opportunities. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or the professional networking site Linked In, the more people that you can connect with and communicate your skills to, the higher your chances of getting noticed. It’s a good idea to make a habit of keeping your Linked In profile consistently updated or it may look suspicious to your current boss if there’s suddenly a buzz of activity from previous employers on your pages.

Spare time

Getting time off for job interviews can be tricky so try and make sure you have some holiday entitlement left that you can use up. Don’t go taking sickies or turning up late at your current job because remember they’ll be providing you with a reference. Many prospective employers are flexible about times of interviews and they know that if they want candidates that are currently active and at the cutting edge of their professional specialism, they aren’t going to be the sort of people with loads of downtime. Evening and weekend interviews aren’t unheard of and also Skype and Facetime video conferencing is  second nature in most office environments.

A last word

Finally, ask yourself if you really want to leave your current post. Nobody is forcing you to go. If you enjoy the company of your colleagues but it’s just the position you find unsatisfactory, try speaking to your boss about the possibility of moving sideways or preferably upwards.

That said, new employers like to appoint candidates with a strong, recent work history –  with no gaps to explain, up to date training and lots of current, translatable skills to exploit . It also reflects well on you that you are seeking a better position for yourself without needing to – it means you are not complacent but ambitious and confident in your abilities. Yes, you really are very attractive to prospective employers, so don’t you forget it!

Looking for one job while holding down another is not easy. Make life simpler by focusing on these time efficient strategies that really work. Soon enough, you’ll be sitting at a new desk, looking at a fresh view and working in a better job…