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Is Your Trailer Safe To Drive In UK?

The trailer makes the towing job easier and safer as well. Experts always recommend examining trailer sophisticatedly including trailer spares so that any unexpected issues would not occur while on road. Here the expert guide is available to make sure that your trailer is safe to derive in UK.

Tips To Make Sure That Your Trailer Safe to Drive in UK

Going with basic safety checks is necessary since it is all about the safety of your driver, Trailer, the loaded stuff, and passerby. Let’s check out it in detail.

Load and Weight Limit To Ensure Safety

  • Trailer must not be overloaded otherwise it can prone to accidents.
  • The load also needs to be secure.
  • The load needs to be distributed evenly so that the chance of accidents can eradicate completely.  

Breakaway Cable – Need To Have Enough Slack

According to the experts, using a breakaway cable or secondary coupling considered ideal to give an extra fit to the loaded or toeing stuff. Breakaway cable or secondary coupling actually has a motto of engaging the trailer’s brake or makes it stoppable in case if gets detached from the car.

  • Also, need to check that rope is having enough slack so that is would not break accidentally.
  • Make sure cable is of good quality and it is not damaged from anywhere.
  • The cable should also not be dragged on the ground while the trailer is being driven otherwise it would either get cracked or lead towards other issues.

Wheels And Tyres Of Trailers


The next thing on the list is checking the Tyres and wheels both before driving.

  • Wheels should not  have any cuts or bulges
  • Make sure that tire has been inflated accordingly the manufacturer’s specification for the load being carried
  • Also, do not forget to check that each tyre is having a standard depth.
  • Moreover, do check the wheel nuts and bolts that they are ideally tightened to authorized torque.
  • Mudguard also needs to check ensuring fitting correctly to the trailer.

Tow Ball And Connections

The next thing you need to check tow ball and connections trailer spares. The trailer needs to get correctly couple to the towball or pin. In this context, the manufacturer’s device can also be followed as it is considered right. The coupling height should be correct.

Lights and Indicators – Should Also Not Circumvent  

Before getting embarked, make sure that there is no damage to the lights. It needs to work the lights properly so any unexpected issues would not occur later.

Trailer Having No Braking System

If it is about Trailer having no braking system then it weight must not be over 750 kg.

What To Keep In Mind When Driving

Do not drive faster than the standard speed limit for the type of road. In case if trailer kicks off to snake or swerve, give accelerator keep reducing speed gently. If trailer either snakes or swerves, it means you are going quite fast or trailer has not been loaded correctly. Be careful while crossing speed bumps as it tends to make the trailer unstable. Reduce speed in stipulated time before approaching any hazard.

Before getting embarked, it needs to check all trailer spares parts are working properly. Following all the above-mentioned points means you are all set to go having safe driving.