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Five Benefits Of Having Applicants Undergo Background Checks

As a human resources manager or a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to find candidates for employment and verify their identities. Checking the backgrounds of applicants in the hiring stages helps fulfil your duty to protect your clients’ financial and personal information as well as protect your company. Here are five benefits of doing background checks on applicants.

Find Better Candidates

When background checks are conducted on applicants for your company, they can weed out people who have lied on their resumes. You can also have their work histories verified to make sure that they have the experience necessary for the job for which they’ve applied. Your staff can also rest assured they are working in a safe environment because background checks can reveal if applicants have any criminal history in their pasts.

Reduce Violence at Work

Since background checks reveal candidates’ criminal histories, you can identify those with a history of violence and eliminate them from consideration. In 54% of workplace violence incidents, the offender was known by the victim and was often a work colleague. The consequences of violence in the workplace in the United Kingdom may be a loss of good employees, reduced productivity, and a sense of unease in a place where people should feel safe.

Discover Employees with Addictions

Even though the use of alcohol won’t prevent most people from being hired by companies, alcohol or drug addictions can leave companies vulnerable to financial crimes. Employees with addictions may not turn up to work, slowing productivity in their departments, or they may show up in no condition to assist customers. By ordering DBS check tracking, you can protect your business and client information from people who may desperately need money due to their addictions.

Protect Company from Liability

If an employee steals clients’ identities and uses them to open credit accounts, the company that he or she is employed with can sometimes be held liable for their employee’s actions. By having the backgrounds of potential employees checked, you can help prevent problems that leave your business vulnerable to legal action. Instead of hiring someone with a troubled past, you can check out his or her background and eliminate him or her as a candidate for your company.

Verify Licenses

It is important to verify the backgrounds of candidates who need special skills and credentials to do their jobs. If you’re a HR manager at a hospital or clinic, it is important to verify the education and licensure of candidates who you’re considering hiring. If an unlicensed person acts as a medical professional, then it could cost your organisation millions of pounds in lawsuits brought by patients harmed by the person’s actions.

Companies who do background checks have tools for quickly verifying applicants’ backgrounds to help protect your company.

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