Different Types Of Aptitude Tests

Whether you are appearing for mechanical engineering test, or for an aptitude test for a banking job, there are certain similarities among the topics. Basically, the basic topics are quite same while there will be sections that are for evaluating your expertise in the specific fields. For example, if you are appearing for engineering aptitude test, there will be a diagrammatic aptitude test, spatial aptitude test and mechanical aptitude test. These won’t be on an aptitude test for bankers. But, the basic tests are always same in any type of exams. Let’s find out the different types of aptitude test you need to appear while you are applying for a job interview.

  1. Brain Teaser Test

Here, you will get questions which are a bit abstract and unusual. You need to answer those based on your hypothesis, logical explanation, and analysis. These are for getting an idea about your capability of solving complicated problems using your creative thought process. Maybe you won’t give the perfect answer; the employer is interested in your explanation capability and methodology.

  1. Critical Thinking Test

This is kind of reflective reasoning test where you will be assessed on the basis of your concept. You will be given a situation where you need to perform according to your concept, reasoning and analytical power. This type of test is mainly organized in the legal sector. Therefore, this type of test comprises of applications of law roles to evaluate the skill of the candidates to take up day-to-day challenges within a legal profession.

  1. Cognitive Ability Test

These are a form of psychometric test to measure the general intelligence of the candidate. Today, these tests are one of the most important parts of a recruitment system in many companies where the candidates are judged on their skill and suitability to the post. Once the recruiters take this test, they will get to know about the future prospect of the candidate and know how he/she will be worthy of the job.

  1. Mechanical Reasoning Test

This type of test is mainly for the engineers who are looking for jobs. To assess the technical knowledge of a candidate, this test is taken. Therefore, they are provided with a difficult set of questions to evaluate their mechanical knowledge within a certain period of time. As this test is taken to know your knowledge of the sector, you can improve here by regular practice.

  1. Numerical Reasoning Test

This is one of the most common and important aptitude tests that is taken by all companies and educational institutions. Here, you need to answer the questions, based on facts and figures. Basically, this test is organized to detect your comfort level with numbers, interpretation of data and mathematical functions. Usually, numerical reasoning tests are taken by investment banks, consulting firms, statistical departments, etc.

So, these are certain types of common yet mechanical engineering tests candidates have to go through. Appearing in aptitude test is very necessary to get economic hike and promotion in your existing job. Therefore, you should go for such tests to secure good score that will make your resume even more precious.

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