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Choose Multi-Factor Authentication For Access Secure Transaction

These days, most of the people prefer digital transactions in the world. Digital payment is easy and secure payment method. The online transaction is safer than carrying cash, which can have increased chances of being stolen.  It is the highly secure payment options to make it easier for transaction anywhere without any risk. However, sometimes-online transactions also suffer from account hacking by an unauthorized person. To make more secure digital transactions used multi-factor authentication solutions for protecting your identity online. Ipsidy is the best company that helps to provide the secure and safe online transactions solutions. They also provide the verifications, identifications, biometric solutions to the customers.

The main motive of the company provides the best solutions to make secure and unique identity solutions for government and public sectors. The multi-factor authentication is the combination of the mobile access, biometric or username, and password, to make ensured about the securely digital transaction possible. Through the help of multi-factor authentication, you can protect your credit card, customer data, information, and identity, provide secure ID and digital signatures, and increase the digital marketing. The aim of the Ipsidy provides the next level authentications solutions, verify and audit the account.

The multifactor authentication is a security platform that helps to verify the user identity for a login and transactions processing. There are many methods of the multi-factor authentications. The Ipsidy provide the best multi-factor authentication method is biometric. A number of methods used in multi-factor authentication like hidden password, processions, documents, tokens, secret questions, images, fingerprints and more. The Ipsidy is also providing the demo of SDK and APK for biometric multi-factor authentication. You can use biometric authentications like registered phone, use a unique pin to protect from unauthorized access, facial biometric include the verification of your image, and you can create a dynamic or digital signature. In these biometric methods includes various features such as:

Biometric verification:  The Ipsidy provides the multiple model biometric verification method to identify the right user. It supports multiple methods like figures, iris, facial biometric, digital signature and more. These methods are also supporting the IOS and Android mobile devices.

Push Notifications: This method is also better for the authentication of the user identity. Use the power of biometric methods to verify the right person through the push notifications after transactions and before transactions.

Digital signature: With the help of this biometric multi-factor authentication, you can also identify the user identity. A digital signature is also the additional and advanced security pattern to identify each online transaction performed by the unique person and protect from the unauthorized access.

With the use of SDK and APK, you can enhance your solutions of the protection against the unauthorized person. The biometric multi-factor authentication protects your online account and backend system and through the physical access, you can control on the unauthorized person and deliver the messages. They also provide the secure transaction process through digital record as evidence. 

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