Air Compressor And Its Types

Air compressor is one of the main energy consuming utilities in any industrial operation. It is a compressor which is used to capture air and increase the amount of air in a specific space at atmospheric pressure and used to deliver high pressure. Air pressure is increased by contracting the air inside which in turn creates energy which could be used for various types of industrial, manufacturing, commercial and personal purpose. The classification is based on their construction and operation features. The air compressors are used more often to merely just pumping up the tires. This can be used to power up equipment’s like nail guns, spray guns etc. the function of these machines is quite similar to that of human respiratory systems. Air compressors can be used to use the force of air to produce energy for operation of such equipment’s. Different type of air compressors are as follows.

  1. Piston type Air compressors: Such types of air compressors have tanks to store the compressed air. The motors are used to shut down when pressure in the tank approaches or crossed the particularly set The air which is produced by such equipment’s can used for specific purpose. Pressure settings can be used to adjust the requirements. It can be mainly of two kinds like single stage compressors and two stage compressors. Single stage type of pistons can be used to compress and release air in the in-built storage tank. These can be utilized by home owners. The two stage compressors have two pistons which can compress the air stored in the tank. It can be used to deliver high pressure air.
  2. Compact type of compressors: Compact type of air compressors is more lighter and small type which doesn’t store air in tanks but it provides continuous supply of high pressure air. These are particularly used in glue guns and spray guns.

Choosing the best air compressor is always a tricky question. These compressors can be used to change the composition while making chemical fertilizers and can be used to maintain the plants and machinery. The most common type of tools used are like staplers, guns, nail guns, sanders etc. the operation cost of these compressors are high depending upon the type of compressor used. These machines require manual labor but they work mostly on electricity and natural gas. Natural gas type compressors are more cost effective compared to other type.

There are many types of online portals, which provide information about air compressor reviews and their types. So you can choose any type of the brand depending upon your budget, cost effectiveness, type of compressors and material used. It is better to compare prices of these brands before finalizing the brand which you need. Also it is recommended to compare prices list, brand and how it can help in reducing unnecessary expenditure by pressing the Click here button. Compressed air is a widely used and throughout industry and is considered to be a useful utility for any person.

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