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Advantage Of Having A Good Agent To Register Your Company As LLC In New York

New York is the best place to launch new business because of the strong economy which has healthy competition and provide good growth opportunities to new and small business. The New York’s economy is ranked amongst the highest economies of the world. The procedures of registering business as LLC are also simple and the New York state also provides a lot of flexibility and benefits in operating LLC. Most of the businesses are allowed registering as LLC in New York barring a few like professional partnerships like law firms or medical offices, which have to register as LLPs. You can appoint a registered agent to complete all the formalities and carry on correspondence with the state taxation and legal authorities on your behalf. These agents like Windsor Corporate Services provide all the guidance and help the clients through the process of registration.

The steps involved in establishing an LLC in New York are simple and easy to follow. The first and foremost step is to select a good and unique name for your company. The name should be different and should not be similar to that of any other company. The agent helps with selecting a good name for the company by providing the list of names already registered with the state of New York. The next step is to provide a registered address for your business, you can use your home address if you are planning to run the business from your home, you can provide the rented premises address if you have already rented a office for your company, on the other hand you can also give the address of your registered agent who will carry on all the correspondence on your behalf. The most important step to establish your LLC legally in New York is filing of the articles of organization with the state of New York. The articles of organization can also be filed online . Once the LLC is registered, the entrepreneur has to publish in two leading news papers to let the public know about his intent in establishing the LLC in New York. And the last step is to prepare an operating agreement with details of management of the company like the number of members, profit sharing details and the terms of employment of managers and so on. A registered agent will help you with their experience to finish all these formalities on time.

Though hiring a registered agent is an optional step, it helps in saving the time and money of the entrepreneurs. Since the registration involves lot of correspondence with the state authorities and the agents are experienced in dealing with them, hiring an agent will help to cut the red tape and fasten the process. The entrepreneur can focus on other aspects of business development leaving the paperwork and registration formalities with the registered agent. They provide assistance and guide the entrepreneurs about the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of incorporation thus helping them to make an informed choice.

 The registered agents provide different packages for the clients to choose according to their requirements. For example Windsor corporate services provides two different packages at different fees, the standard package for $235 and the ultimate package for $499, both the package includes the New York state filing fee. The services offered change with the package and the clients can choose the package according to their budget and requirements.

The process of registering an LLC is easy and offers many benefits to the company. But it involves a lot of paperwork and time because of the red tape. Hiring a registered agent helps the entrepreneurs to save time and concentrate on other important aspects of business development. Though these agents charge fee for their services, considering the services and advantages of hiring them, the fee is a good investment to start the company of the right foot.

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