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Advantage Of Employee Leave Management System

Employee leave management forms an most important HR processes that consumes a small but significant portion of managerial time. Approving leaves is a delicate process and needs a fine balancing act. While HR or managers have to ensure compliance with leave policy they also need to ensure availability of sufficient resources to continue uninterrupted work. All the while taking care that they also improve employee satisfaction. There have been various incidents where bitter manager-employee relation on issuing of leaves which resulted in leave management a strategic task for the organization.

Motivating factors for employees:

Unlike the traditional mode of attendance management systems, having a proper employee leave management system actually helps increase motivation in the workplace. There is no need to check if an employee is putting the time correctly or not. The attendance management system identifies the individuals and grants them the access to the respective department, on being approved. HR studies show that employees tend to be more productive and agile at work when their attendance and leave is being tracked by a digital entity. It also has an added benefit of creating a sense of urgency on the employee’s part to reach the office on time.

Maintaining consistency:

Leave management systems can be easily modified as per company’s leave policy so as to guarantee agreeability with the organization’s leave strategy, this is helpful as it won’t permit managing authorities to sidestep principles or utilization preference while applying for or sanctioning leaves.

Go paperless:


New age employee attendance management systems are completely paper-free. This ensures a cleaner environment in the organisation. Since all records are stored online or on a server, the records are completely free from damage due to fire, floods, and age. Usually documents tend to get stained over a period of time. Such issues are not common with currently used employee attendance management systems. Owing to the growing awareness about environmental protection and recycling of data, these systems fulfill their social obligations without compromise.


Since the entire data is available online to employees as well as their managers, the leave management process becomes more transparent. This will help in providing leave support or dismissal fairly.

Adherence to Employment Regulations and Laws

Irrespective of the size of organisation be it small or an established one has to comply with labour and employment laws of the country where it operates. This differs from state to state and country to country and India is no exception. Thus, it is mandatory for every business in the country to comply with these laws and regulations. Failing to comply may invite costly penalties and liability damages for an enterprise. Nonetheless, you can avert such disasters by arming your HR department with a robust leave management software to manage employee attendance, time, leave and payroll ensuring that your business complies with all the necessary employment laws and regulations.

Some major advantages of having an automated system are:

  • Employees can keep a track of leaves taken by them as the data is stored on cloud.
  • No hassle of maintaining bulky spreadsheets or muster cards.
  • There is complete assurance of accuracy due to absence of manual work. Hence, the chances of any error being made gets eliminated.
  • The leaves are easily bifurcated and allotted to every employee on monthly/yearly basis which can be viewed by employees whenever they want.
  • HR department can easily track the leaves taken by employees which enables him/her to manage payroll.
  • All the other HR related activities automatically gets streamlined which eases the HR professional’s’ job.

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