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Welcome to The Bee Writes!

Guten Tag, I am Bee, author of the poetry book “Me ~ Lost & Found” and long-time blogger with a day job.

I believe blogging is a great way of sharing our journeys through life and creating a lifestyle, that suits our values and needs. Today it has become more difficult to find our way as we live in times of great social and technological change. Old solutions like organised religion, political parties and capitalism/communism do not work anymore.

If we allow ourselves to be the change we want to see in this world then we will make a difference one little step at a time. The Bee Writes… invites you to join my journey to an #amwriting #mentalhealth lifestyle. I want my power back from the companies that do not care about the welfare of my family and me & I want to make homemaking great again. This blog shares my projects, experiences and ponderings and is curious about yours.

You will find that this blog is in transition: I incorporate my old blogs that are the roots to the new “The Bee Writes…” and bit by bit the new journey will emerge.


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Who is The Bee?

I am ginger, happily married to the best husband in the world, daydreamer, tea (and can you believe it) & coffee lover. Baking enthusiast, book reviewer, immigrant and poet, author, blogger….

Born many moons ago in the South of Germany I have filled many roles in my life. Some include shop assistant, social worker, volunteer.

I graduated from Katholische Fachhochschule in Muenster, Germany with a degree in Social Work in 1996 and gained experience as a self-employed social worker in social care until my mental health stopped me in my tracks in 2001. I delivered newspapers, lead a choir, managed youth groups and worked as a fishmonger.

Through all this, I have been writing poetry gradually growing into blogging about poetry, creative writing and mental health. And I immigrated to the UK long before Brexit made it a crime. Now I have decided to become the change I want to see in this world and share my journey with those who want to be the change too. YOU!

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  1. Hi Bee – Neat site. Loved the Clarkson video…lol. I’m interested in your interview bit. Briefly, I’m a full time author, expatriate American living in Germany. More to follow in email. Tschüß bis dann. ;o)

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  5. I’m a fellow foreigner in the U.K.–an American in Cornwall. People keep telling me we speak the same language, and I keep telling them the same thing, but none of us are entirely sure it’s true.

    1. 🙂 welcome Ellen 🙂 Nice to meet you!

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your blog! So I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. Stop by my sight to find out the steps to accepting it, if you choose to!

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