#Photo Saturday – Upside down bunker

January 2018

This image is a sure reminder of the power of the sea. We went to Happisburgh Beach in Norfolk, UK for the first time in 2013. This image was taken in Summer 2014. This bunker suddenly appeared but now in 2017 it is gone. Was away or sunken into the sand. Since we live in North Norfolk and visit certain beaches on a regular basis I have learned that they never stay the same. Life on the beach changes continuously and it is rather fascinating but also scary how much land and cliff is washed away every year. Coastal erosion is very much a reality here at the coast no matter how many people decide that climate change is an illusion.

July 2014

This looks like a bunker which has toppled down and landed upside down at Happisburgh beach, Norfolk, UK.

You find these bunkers everywhere in Norfolk which seems to have been a line of defence against the Germans in WW2. You often can crawl in and have a look around but as some people use them as public toilets or just simply a bin it is not very nice to do so.

we have never seen one like this though 🙂

January 2018

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