“The Bee Writes…” has become more accessible for visually impaired Readers

At the beginning of the month, I got an email from Tina Richardson, who is a lecturer at the University of Leeds. She made me aware that I have linked to a Wikipedia page in an old post that is not easily accessible for visually impaired readers. She also asked me if I could be so kind to add a link to a page that “translated” the Wikipedia page to be accessible.

After a little research if Tina Richardson and the site she mentioned is real and not some scam I added the link and let her know. At the same time, BBC Breakfast mentioned an app for Twitter where you can add a description of photo’s you post so blind and/or visually impaired people can get a description of your photo.

That made me think that my blog is not particularly made for people with eyesight problems and I thought: I better change that!”

So today I researched the plugging section and came across “Real Accessability” which adds a menu to your page so visually impaired readers can change the font size, change the font itself and even if their browsers support it can have the page read to them. I have installed it and most of it works in my Chrome Browser.

Unfortunately, “Real Accessability” is not available for the free WordPress versions. But if you have a self-hosted WordPress page or a business plan for WordPress.com then you can install it too.  And I encourage you to do it because it is not fair to make your blog more difficult to read for readers with eyesight problems.

I also encourage all of you to contact WordPress.com and ask them to make this feature compulsory for all blogs. After all, we want to be inclusive here in the WordPress blogosphere, don’t we?

This is what I wrote to the WordPress.com Experts:

I just want to make a suggestion: Rob Long has highlighted the problem for visually impaired readers of Twitter to get access to pictures. In connection with that, I realised that my blog is not particularly “eyesight impaired friendly”. Now my blog is self-hosted so I was able to add the “Real Accessability” plugging, however, the free versions on WordPress.com can’t do that. I think it should be compulsory on blogs in the WordPress blogosphere to be an inclusive platform. Is that possible? Kind regards Bee Halton at https://beehalton.com/

Feel free to copy my message and add your data to it when you contact WordPress. Thanks! *

And to my readers with visual impairment: Please let me know what else I can do to make my blog more accessible to you! Thanks!

Fellow Bloggers Wrote about the accessibility of blogs:

WordPress.tv: Understanding and Supporting Web Accessibility


* This is what WordPress answered:


I’m Ruben from the WordPress experts community,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. Can you please post that suggestion on the wordpress.com forums under the ideas section? This would be useful.


Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


Which I will do now :-)!

The Topic I started at the Forum and its answers: Please make WordPress more accessible for visually impaired readers

More helpful links for accessible blogs on WordPress and elsewhere:

Accessibility Ready WordPress Themes

Accessibility – Support – WordPress.com

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  1. That’s really cool! I hadn’t heard of this before, and it is a good thing to use. I know I have to pass up reading some blogs, because I just can’t read the tiny print. 🙂

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