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December 2017

As I mentioned on Tuesday I want to encourage you to support IndiePub Authors this Christmas…, Hanukkha…, Bhodi Day…, Yule …. time and so I introduce you to another author I have enjoyed reading. Totally different topic than Tuesdays but there are all sorts of book lovers in your life, arent’ there?

May 2015

Today it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Liv Olteano the hostess at Butterfly-O-Meter who kindly lets me review a book or two every now and then.
She is a great lady and has just published the second book of her “Leader Murder” series. She has also kindly agreed to let us have a peek into her writing experience and therefore I hand the keyboard over to her :-):
A fun fact about you?
I’m somewhat OCD. Okay, maybe more than somewhat…
What made you write in the first place?
I’ve always wanted to be an author. I was writing romance stories without a clear sense of what they were when I was about 12 or 13. What empowered me to actually giving it a try was blogging about books, actually. It helped get over the fear of someone reading my writing. Once that fear diminished, things evolved naturally I guess.
Which Author has influenced you and why?
Oh, there were many. I know it’s vague, but I really couldn’t point out just a couple names. I read as much as I can, and there’s always one more lesson to be learned, every day. I kind of love that, in fact.
What is your favourite book?
I really can’t pick one. There are many, in different genres, from different times. I love some classics, lots of contemporary books too…. just lots, lots and lots. 😀
Your writing ritual (if you have one)?
Well…I kind of have one, in fact 😀 I light scented candles, get some aromatherapy  going, set up my table, duel with my cat for about half an hour to actually win the space on my writing table to set my laptop *rolls eyes*… end up petting said cat for about half an hour, I guess. And then it’s time to write, if the mood hasn’t left me, lol.
Your secret “sin” when you write?
Sweets. And sometimes drinks. Occasionally smoking. Sometimes all three… 😀
Do you suffer from writers block and if, what do you do against it?
Sometimes, yes. If I’m not in the zone, then I just wait to get into it. When I am I tend to write a chapter all in one go, so I guess I can afford to wait for it for a while. But if I feel the zone isn’t happening, and it’s been too long since it happened last, I’ll try one of my secret tactics. They may or may not involve watching whole seasons of TV shows I love, or hours of stand-up comedy. One of these generally gets my creative juices flowing 😀 I have a theory that creative people get blocked because they’re not in a good place emotionally, or because they’re too stressed. So I do what I know works for me in either of those situations.
Your advice for apprentice writers?
If writing is what’s in your heart, then keep on writing – no matter what. Do it because you can’t bear not to. Do it because stories and characters haunt you until you write them. Do it because it torments and delights you, and you know of nothing worse or better for your soul. Recognition, praise, fans, success – any or all of these might or might not come. If they do and if they don’t, just write. 🙂
Thanks so much Liv for your advice and encouragement.
cover photo via Goodreads
And here is what Goodreads says about her just published novel and gosh it is on my reading list :-):

Sequel to A Tooth for a Fang
Leader Murders: Case Two

Five dead leaders, their bodies arranged in a pentagram. Treason, lies, and backstabbing. A make-believe affair that turns into a real mating.

Timothy Sands is a PBI counselor, half-fey, half-elf, with a secret crush on Herman Weiss, PBI director. As a new chapter is added to the Leader Murders, it is Weiss’s responsibility to investigate what seems an impossible-to-solve case. The other problem? Weiss is suffering from rages, and his only salvation lies in Tim’s emotional-grid-balancing skills. They only have to pretend to be a couple for Tim to use his talents, and he owes Weiss a big favor. Piece of cake, right?

The fey might be involved in the Leader Murders. Someone on the Council might be their ally, and another prominent PBI figure looks more and more suspicious as they investigate. The stakes are upped when Timothy’s father, the Fey King, threatens to leave the Council destitute if they don’t hand Timothy over to him. Weiss’s brilliant solution? Mating Timothy and forcing the Council into protecting him.

There’s only one small hitch in that plan: instead of protecting one, the Council might decide to get rid of two.

If you want to find out more about about Liv and buy her books please have a look at these links:
Livia Olteano – Website  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon
Liv Olteano    – Website  |  Goodreads  |  Amazon
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