Thursday Doors ~ 5Jan17


Yes, it is Thursday and I do not want to travel today. I don’t even want to go on a doorscursion! I just want to show you a few of our very cute and not so cute ūüôā but always old-fashioned doors in the new house :-). Have fun!


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Bee's Travel Thursday ~ Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library ~ bi-lingual


October 2016

Today I won’t go far. Just down the road to Norwich to my most favourite Library ever. And guess what? In there you can find books. Lots of them. And they send you travelling through time, space and phantasy ;-).

July 2013

One link in this entry is in German

You might have realised that I am a big fan of the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

I had never been to Norwich before I joined the International Fiction Reading Group which takes part there and it fascinated me from the first moment. It’s not that I am a¬†huge fan of modern architecture but The Forum, where the Library is situated is captivating.

This library is one of the best I have ever visited and the only one which comes close to it is the Stadtbuecherei in Muenster where I studied Social Work. The cities are quite similar as the Universities in both cities have a great impact on life and business. Knowledge and innovation are important which gives both libraries and incentive to offer free events which support creativity and knowledge.

The Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library offers a special children’s library, a Heritage Centre, Business Service Centre and the 2. Division Memorial Library. But for me, its vast offer of fantasy novels, books about writing and poetry and its magazines are ¬†just inspiring.

I also really enjoy the displays of books often with a certain theme which gives me an idea of what to read outside my old tracks. If you ever visit Norwich in Norfolk, UK please make a stop at the Forum and its library. You won’t regret it.





Oktober 2016

Heute reise ich nicht weit. Nur die Strasse runter nach Norwich zu ¬†meiner liebsten Buecherei. Und was glaubst Du wohl? Da gibt es Buecher. Jede Menge davon. Und die senden Dich auf die Reise durch die Zeit, durch den Raum und durch die Fantasie ūüėČ .

Juli 2013

Einige Links in diesem Beitrag sind in englischer Sprache

Es mag Euch aufgefallen sein, dass ich ein grosser Fan der  Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library in Norwich, Norfolk, UK bin.

Bevor ich der International Fiction Reading Group beigetreten bin hatte ich  noch nie von dieser Buecherei gehoert, die dort stattfindet und sie hat mich von Anfang an fasciniert. Ich bin zwar kein Fan von moderner Architektur aber The Forum, wo die Buecherei ist, ist irgendwie fesselnd.

Diese Buecherei ist eine der Besten, die ich jemals besucht habe und die einzige, die ihr nahe kommt ist die Stadtbuecherei in Muenster wo ich Sozialarbeit studiert habe. Beide Staedte sind sich sehr aehnlich die die Universitaeten viel Einfluss auf das Leben allgemein und das Geschaeftsleben dort haben. Wissen und Innovation sind dort wichtig, was beiden Buechereien einen Anstoss gibt freie Angebote zu bieten, die Kreativitaet und Wissen unterstuetzen.

Die Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library bietet eine spezielle Kinderbuecherei, ein Kultur Center, ein Geschaefts Service Center und die 2. Division Memorial Library. Aber fuer mich ist die grosse Auswahl an Fantasy Buechern, Buechern ueber Schreiben und Lyrik und seine Magazine einfach inspirierend.

Ich geniese die Auslagen der Buecher sehr, die oft einem bestimmten Thema folgen und mir Ideen geben, was ich lesen koennte ausserhalb meiner alten Wege. Falls Du jemals nach Norwich kommst, besuche bitte The Forum und seine Buecherei. Du wirst es nicht bereuen.


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Bee's Travel Thursday ~ The "Brenz Ursprung"


October 2016

I love this little jewel of Germany’s wells. So I’ll introduce you to it again here on “Just Fooling Around With Bee”

September 2012

The Brenz is a small river in the south of Germany which is a tributary of the Danube. Its source is  a lovely little pond nestles in the rocks of the Swabian Alb.

My parents used to take us there on the weekends and we had a meal in the restaurant close by. I had totally forgotten how beautiful it is until we went back in our holidays (and found out the restaurant has become kind of posh (but the Kaesespaetzle are brilliant ūüôā ) )





For those who are historically interested. Georg Elser who tried to kill Hitler in 1939 has been working in a joinery in Koenigsbronn where the Brenz originates. Klaus Maria Brandauer¬†portrayed¬†him in the film “Seven Minutes“.

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Bee's Travel Thursday ~ 03Nov16


September 2016

Here is a little report of our holiday in Glastonbury in June 2012 :-). Sorry if I bore you with the place but I just love it too much ūüôā

June 2012

We had one nice day which was Monday. After about 4 1/2 hours we arrived at the campsite close to Glastonbury UK. We set up our tent and then had a stroll around Glastonbury. As we knew the weather would get worse, we decided to use the lovely weather at that moment and get up to the Tor. An ancient hill man made as the area around Glastonbury used to be wet marshland. The hill was the only possibility to grow any crops, and so they made it higher and higher.

Nowadays it is more known for its connection with the myths around Avalon and Pagan spirituality. No matter what: The hill is an amazing site and if you are lucky like us to be up there when the weather is fine you have a brilliant view around.

Well, of course, I took some pictures but somehow my camera is not working quite right so I will have to work on them. But these are some examples for now.


The Tor from Well Lane


View towards Bridgewater


Jurrasic Hills surrounding Glastonbury


On top of the world at last!

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Blog Love ~ The Monica Bird


This morning I posted a little funny of mine inspired by a great Tumblr blog called “The Monica Bird”. Many moons ago they posted a text by¬†Rosemarie Urquico called “Date a Girl who reads” which I really love.

So I thought it might be a good idea to give “The Monica Bird” a little blog love. If you need some cheering up you certainly find it there. From touching texts to funny photo’s it is all there to keep your mind from your problems.

But please head over and make up your own mind ūüôā

The Monica Bird



Starting Creatively ~ Mo 24Oct16


September 2016

Another week is around and I hope it will be a good one for all of us. Just in case your ideas run out for your creative endeavours here is a prompt from 2012 that still holds some fascination:

June 2012

As long as I was supporting the #frapalymo project of @FrauPaulchen it seemed to me that many readers liked the prompts we were given even though not many seemed to have written a poem or wanted to post one here.

That is a shame but maybe you just have to get more used to it. Or I have to explain them more. Anyway, I decided as we always search for inspiration (and sometimes there is just none) to provide an idea every Monday that you may or may not follow throughout the week.

For this week my little project is to write poems (draw pictures, take a photo, make a dance, create a song, write a story….)¬†about places you have visited on your holiday. It can just be a poetic description of the place or just how it made you feel or whatever comes to mind. Be free ~ be lyrical ūüôā ~ be creative!

So my Prompt for this week is:

Beloved places you visited on your holiday!



Creatively Starting taking part suggestions

  • read this week’s prompt
  • remember it when you run out of ideas
  • use it in any way you like (song, photo, story, dance, drawing….)
  • put a pingback to this post so I can share it with as many followers as possible
  • Have fun

Now go, create and have lots of fun!

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The Bee's Travel Thursday ~ Stonehenge


September 2016

I fondly remember my holidays to Somerset. My favourite though is with the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world and his children in June 2012. Even though the weather was horrendous we had a lot of fun. And Stonehenge is certainly worth a visit.

It’s all changed now. They closed down one of the streets that went directly along the monument and have a new visitors centre which I haven’t seen yet. That is an addition to my travel bucket list :-).

June 2012


On our summer holiday, we visited Stonehenge. As you can guess it was pouring down with rain and our stay was probably the shortest visit to a historical site ever. But the weather did not deter other people from visiting which made it quite difficult to get some decent pictures. Well, the weather did not help either…



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Broken mugs and other catastrophes/ Zerbrochene Tassen und andere Katastrophen ~ A #bilingual #blogpost


September 2016

I was looking through my old posts to find some of the brilliant blogs I have visited throughout my blogging life and to give them some blog love. However, I stumbled over one of my favourite posts which explains why a photo project I did in 2012 came to an end. So the blog love needs to wait I am afraid. Please enjoy :-)!

This post was first published on  my bilingual blog, therefore, the German version at the end of the post.

February 2013

My beloved mug committed suicide!

Well, the husband took the dishes away that I had left stuck on the sink and it all started moving. It shattered on the floor.

He had a terribly scared look in his eyes when he told me last night when I came home from work but well “It is just a mug!” so I said bravely not to disturb the marital peace. This morning though when I had to suffice myself with the “little” mug I started doubting my bravery.

The old poppy one contained nearly 400ml of lovely tea or coffee in the morning. Now I have to put up with measly 250ml!  How can I ever have a peaceful morning if I have to run back and forth and make more of my preferred beverage after 15 minutes of sipping?

How can I work out my needed amount of water after this disaster? I figured that 4 poppy mugs a day did the trick plus some cups of water at work. I won’t have time to drink anything as I have to run constantly to make myself new tea ;-).

Life is really not fair! I am bereft of quiet mornings and it’s all my own¬†fault: Maybe I should stop doing the dishes! ūüėČ

September 2016

Als ich meine alten Blogbeitraege durchsuchte, um einen Post fuer meine englische “Blog Love” Serie zu finden bin ich ueber diesen Beitrag gestolpert. Er ist einer meiner liebsten und erklaert, warum eines meiner photo projekte zu einem fruehen Ende kam. So muss die “Blogliebe” warten. Bitte geniest :-)!

Dieser Beitrag wurde zuerst auf meinem alten zweisprachigen Blog veroeffentlicht, der jetzt hier integriert ist.

Februar 2013

Meine geliebte Tasse hat Selbstmord begangen!

Nun ja, der beste aller Ehemaenner hat das Geschirr weggeraeumt, das ich ihm aufeinander gestapelt am Spueltisch habe stehen lassen. Das Ganze begann sich zu bewegen. Sie zerschlug am Boden.

Er hatte einen furchtbar aengstlichen Ausdruck in den Augen, als er mir das Unglueck gestern Abend, nachdem ich von der Arbeit wiederkam, gebeichtet hat, aber ich sagte mutig ” Es war ja nur eine Tasse!”, um den ehelichen Frieden zu wahren. Heute Morgen allerdings, habe ich meinen Mut doch sehr bezweifelt, als ich mich mit der kleineren Tasse zufrieden geben musste.

Die alte Mohntasse beinhaltete fast 400ml wunderbaren Tees oder Kaffees am Morgen. Nun muss ich mich mit mageren 250ml abfinden. Wie soll ich denn jemals wieder einen ruhigen Morgen haben, wenn ich nach etwa 15 min trinken schon wieder aufstehen muss, um mir mehr meines bevorzugten Getraenkes zu bruehen?

Und wie soll ich bloss meine benoetigte Wasserzufuhr herausfinden nach diesem Disaster? Ich hatte mir ausgearbeitet, dass 4 der Mohntassen taeglich ausreichend sind + ein paar Becher Wasser auf der Arbeit. Von nun an werde ich keine Zeit mehr haben auch nur irgendwas zu trinken, da ich die ganze Zeit hin und her renne und mir Tee koche.

Das Leben ist wirklich nicht fair! Ich wurde um ruhige Morgen gebracht und es war alles meine eigene Schuld: Ich gebe das Geschirr spuelen besser auf! ūüėČ

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What happened in my blogs lately/Was hat sich in meinen Blogs getan


Here is a short overview of what happened in my blogs lately/Hier ist ein kurzer Ueberblick ueber meine Blogs und was sich so getan hat:

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend!/Hoffe Ihr habt alle ein schoenes Wochenende

Some random thought/ einfach irgendwelche Gedanken


Do I get home without getting wet?


Komm ich nach Hause, ohne nass zu werden?