Photos of the Day ~ Summer Visitors



We have two house martin nests on our roof and these two youngsters are in the one that was half destroyed. The parents were very busy throughout June to get it habitable again and successfully are raising two young ones.

The other nest is over the roof of our extension so the little droppings they let fall don’t matter but look what these two create 🙂


Never mind :-). A little guano doesn’t disturb our joy about having these amazing creatures living with us!

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Wordless Wednesday ~ 25Jan16 ~ A Lonely Man



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Thursday Doors ~12Jan16


Still not going out 😉 but there are a couple of doors that I haven’t shown you yet 🙂


The best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world got us a wardrobe on eBay with beautiful doors. Unfortunately, a few bits are missing so he’ll get creative and add the missing bits. Still, I wanted to share it with you.


We “inherited” this wardrobe from the previous owner. Just cute this one ;-)!


This one is another one of our “old-fashioned” doors. The reason I kept it for today is that we also “inherited” that bureau and I got it for my writing. So I wanted to feature it extra.

It stands in our little front room where we have our books too. So I named the room our “library” :-). It makes the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world’s daughter laugh. She thinks it is a little bit disproportionate to call a tiny room with two book shelves library but well: one has to start small when one wants to create ones dream ;-).

I love the place! Haven’t done  much writing there yet though LOL. Too cold still :-). I prefer sitting in the living room next door in front of the fire :-).


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Photo of the day ~ 10Jan16



Good night!

Thursday Doors ~ 5Jan17


Yes, it is Thursday and I do not want to travel today. I don’t even want to go on a doorscursion! I just want to show you a few of our very cute and not so cute 🙂 but always old-fashioned doors in the new house :-). Have fun!


This post takes part in Norm’s wonderful “Thursday Doors“! Please head over and find more fun with doors!

Photo of the Day ~ 29Dec16



Time to go to the beach, I think 🙂

Photo of the day ~ 23dec16


Photo of the Day ~ 20Dec16