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A Letter to my twelve-year-old Self & Love Is In Da Blog Prompt 25

  Dear Bea, I have been thinking a lot about you lately and wish you would be in a different place. I wish your mum would be ok and your dad would not be so occupied with himself. I wish you would not have to take already so much responsibility […]

NEW Blogging Prompt ~ Tenderness ~ Love Is In Da Blog 2018

Ah, let’s go from the hot stuff to some more gentle paces 🙂 . I’ll make it short because … well … we want some time to create our new posts, don’t we? Tomorrows prompt is Tenderness and I challenge you to incorporate a photo 🙂 Now go, create and […]

Spicy ~ ABC of Love ~ Love Is In Da Blog 2018

“Spicy” is definitely an interesting prompt for a love-infused blog event in February. Lee over at LadyLeeManila let us have a peek into her husband’s chilli growing and cooking (please go and check out her post) which inspired me to find a Video about cooking. And sure enough, I found one on […]

NEW Blogging Prompt ~ Respect ~ ABC of Love

As I am writing this it’s “Couples Come Dine With Me” on the TV and one of the participants can’t say Boeuf Bourguignon. Everybody is laughing terribly about her efforts which isn’t particularly respectful, is it? I admit it was funny though. Is that a good anchor for tomorrows prompt? […]

A Question of Self-Love and -Care ~ ABC of Love ~ Love Is In Da Blog 2018

It is a question of self-care to find the right balance between life and work. The problem is that this balance changes. The problem is also that we often do not listen to our inner voices and do not follow them either. For me, it is time to listen to […]