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A lesson I am yearning to learn but have to relearn again and again & Love Is In Da Blog prompt 27

Today will just be a very, very short one. I am exhausted. I just had my assessment phone call with the Wellbeing service. The good news is I am getting on the waiting list for CBT ASAP. The bad news is there are months of waiting involved. The lady was […]

A little known Writing Exercise that Kick-starts your Creativity every Time & Love Is In Da Blog 2018 Prompt 26

One of my most favourite authors is Virginia Wolf who was using a writing style called “Stream of Consciousness”. Stream of Consciousness writing in novels is the depiction of internal dialogue without any editing. The style was developed at the beginning of the 20th century and takes its inspiration from […]

A Letter to my twelve-year-old Self & Love Is In Da Blog Prompt 25

  Dear Bea, I have been thinking a lot about you lately and wish you would be in a different place. I wish your mum would be ok and your dad would not be so occupied with himself. I wish you would not have to take already so much responsibility […]

Three Poems that helped me in Tough Times (attention might trigger) & Love Is In Da Blog prompt 24

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that we all deal with mental health problems in general and depression in particular in our very unique way. For me, writing and poetry was one tool, that helped me cope with the overwhelming power of my emotions. I was wondering about my affinity […]

How I am going to achieve more Self-Esteem & Love Is In Da Blog Prompt 22

When I was thinking about today’s blogging prompt “Tenderness” I remembered a blog post about self-esteem that Cheryl Fassett, one of the brilliant ladies in my creative circle, wrote a couple of months ago.   The way you think about yourself has an impact on your self-esteem   It is […]