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#frapalymo Nov17 #poem/#Gedicht No 2

You can find the English part after the photo: Ihr findet Frau Paulchen’s #frapalymo Impuls fuer heute hier: Spinnenfein Spinnenfein Diese Zaeune, die Uns von Allem trennen. Spinnenfein Diese Illusionen, die Uns vor Allem taeuschen. Spinnenfein Diese Netze, die Uns mit Allem verbinden. Spinnenfein… Today’s prompt is “Gespinst” and was […]

#frapalymo poetry prompt ~ 29nov16

Without much ado: here is the prompt: you can’t ignore the fact anymore: mrs paulchen’s poetry month is nearing the end. some will say “at last” (yea, heike?! :-)(this is a link to a rather ironic German poem about the end of #frapalymo) others will be sad. it often is both […]

#frapalymo poem/Gedicht ~ creature/wesen

Looks like I couldn’t properly get away from yesterday’s prompt 🙂 creature creature where? creature there? creature? ********** claws? mabye! scars? maybe! dark? maybe? ********** creature where? creature there? creature? ********** inside our boxes we perceive creatures ~ creatures as creatures Sieht so aus, als ob ich den gestrigen impuls noch […]