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DREI Fragen ueber Psychische Gesundheit und Wechseljahre

Ich bin 47 und hatte gehofft, dass ich in dem Alter gluecklich sein koennte und ein gewisses Mass an Heilung meiner psychischen Gesundheit und meiner Erfahrungen von Missbrauch in meiner Kindheit gefunden haette.  Naja, um ehrlich zu sein, dachte ich nie, dass ich so alt werden wuerde. Als Teenager, dachte ich, ich […]

Three Poems that helped me in Tough Times (attention might trigger) & Love Is In Da Blog prompt 24

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that we all deal with mental health problems in general and depression in particular in our very unique way. For me, writing and poetry was one tool, that helped me cope with the overwhelming power of my emotions. I was wondering about my affinity […]

Three Thoughts on the Anti-Depressant Debate & Love Is In Da Blog Prompt 23

This morning I saw Ellen C. Scott editor at Metro and co-presenter at “Mentally Yours” Metro’s mental health podcast on BBC Breakfast. She told her experience with taking antidepressants. She said she is able to work again and live her life since she has found the right one for her. […]