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Blast from the Past: The Bee Talks With… Candi Silk (adult content)

I have mentioned a couple of times that I have retired “The Bee Talks With…” However, many new readers of “The Bee Writes…” might not know any of the author interviews I posted previously. So I’ve decided to bring them back in a “Blast from the Past” series. The first […]

Support an #IndiePub #author … P.S. Bartlett

December 2017 I still need to read one of her books. That’s on my Christmas list 🙂 December 2014 Today I am happy to introduce you to P.S. Bartlett, who has recently published her third novel “The Blue Diamond” while she still works full-time. She draws besides her writing and […]

Support an #IndiePub #author … EM Kaplan

December 2017 Do you still need a present for the crime book lover in your life? Try EM Kaplan’s. They are brilliant! October 2014 photo credit: EM Kaplan Today I am very glad to introduce EM Kaplan to you, the author of the mystery series “Josie Tucker”. Emily was so […]

Support an #IndiePub #author … Anna Celeste Burke

December 2017 Here is another great IndiePub author to support October 2014 photo credit: Anna Celeste Burke Today I am happy to introduce you to Anna Celeste Burke author of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series. Anna has been so kind to let us have peek into her thoughts […]

Support an #IndiePub #author … Tamara Ferguson

December 2017 I suspect there are still some prejudices against IndiePub authors but in my opinion that is unfounded. You get “bad” books with traditionally published authors and you get “great” books with IndiePub authors. In the end, it is a question of taste anyway. In my opinion, Tamara Ferguson’s […]

Support an #IndiePub #author … Michaela Miles & others

December 2017 The slogan “getting our power back” has been very hot in the last couple of years. It mainly has to do with politics but for me, it has a different connotation. I would like to take my power back from big corporations and so I have started to […]

Support an #IndiePub #Author ~ Tina Frisco

December 2017 To be honest, we should not only support IndiePub authors at Christmas. There are some jewels out there just to be found by you and today’s author and books might be just the one. Please meet Tina Frisco: February 2017 Today I am honoured to have Tina Frisco […]