And what did come from it?/Und was hat es uns gebracht?


September 2017

Mr T has broken one of his election promises and this seems to be a never ending story:

September 2011

Well, 9/11 first of all brought us a long lasting war in Afghanistan. Supposedly it brought Democracy to the country but as far as I can see there is a lot of undemocratic corruption and still loads of Al Quaida (and today IS) guys running around. Didn’t they promise us the world would be safer with that war and the terrorists would be defeated? Does not really look like that to me, to be honest. Mumbai, Bali and Kenya tell a somehow different story.Wikipedia lists around 108 terrorist attacks from all over the world only for 2010! (List of Terrorist Attacks in 2010 on Wikipedia)

(in 2017 we are already nearly at 1000 . Their approach works well!)

Does that look so much safer to you?

September 2017

Herr T hat eines seiner Wahlversprechen gebrochen und dies scheint eine unendliche Geschichte zu sein:

September 2011

Tja zu allererst haben die Anschlaege vom 11. September einen lang anhaltenden Krieg in Afghanistan gebracht. Angeblich hat dieser dem Lande Demokratie gebracht, aber fuer mich sieht es irgendwie  mehr nach undemokratischer Korruption aus und jeder Menge Al Quaida (und jetzt auch IS) Jungs, die immer noch frei rumlaufen.

Hatten die uns nicht versprochen, dass die Welt sehr viel sicherer sein wuerde und die Terroristen geschlagen wuerden? Sieht fuer mich nicht wirklich so aus, um ehrlich zu sein: Mumbai, Bali und Kenia erzaehlen eine andere Geschichte.

Wikipedia hat alleine fuer 2010 108 terroristische Anschlage aufgelistet! (Terrorist Incidents in 2010 on Wikipedia)

(In 2017 sind wir jetzt schon bei fast 1000. So wie sie das angehen, funktioniert das prima!)

Sieht das sicher aus fuer Dich?

Survivor Saturday ~ Afghanistan


Survivor SaturdayThis is a post I modified slightly from one I posted in April 2016 on my old blog “A Spirit of Healing”.

At the beginning of this blog I had that huge idea to find organisations which help survivors of abuse in every country of this beautiful earth. I got myself a list of all the countries and directly ran into a problem.

The first country on my list, Afghanistan, did not offer any page for such an organisation on the internet. I suspect most citizens of Afghanistan have no internet and no chance to use it in public. Certainly, not women as their rights still have to improve after the long rule of the Taliban.

I have a feeling that women living in Afghanistan have their ways of finding out about help because from what I have read in the last few months the country works more and more to improve women’s rights.

So for today, I can only offer you two links of a German organisation operating in Afghanistan to improve women’s situation. I am talking about Medica Mondiale, which was created after the Bosnian war to help women survivors of the enormous violence this war had created.

Today they are working in several countries around the world one of which is Afghanistan.

You can find more information about their work in this country here:

Medica Mondiale ~ Afghanistan

Their Afghan branch is called Medica Afghanistan and has a Facebook page:

Medica Afghanistan Facebook page

I am sorry I cannot offer any links for male survivors even though I suspect that Medica Mondial could give information to help men too.

If you are from Afghanistan or know about organisations that help survivors of sexual abuse as well as organisations that help citizens with mental health problems then please be so kind and tell me about them. I would love to feature them in 2017. You can contact me via Twitter, e-mail (bee.halton(at) please add subject “Survivor Saturday”) or G+ or just leave a message in the comments and how I can contact you. Thank you very much!