Affiliate Marketing on “The Bee Writes…”

The Bee Writes… is an affiliate partner with Wordery, and eBay.

I have decided only to work with handpicked advertisers who support independent businesses and creatives. I work to only advertise for products I either use myself or intend to use and that I feel are affordable.

This is probably not a “clever” decision from a business point of view, however, I believe only income made in an ethical way is real income and worth making. I also believe most of us are on a budget and helping my readers to find good quality but affordable products and services is a mission worth fulfilling.

The Bee Writes.. receives the following commissions etc from its affiliate partners:

I receive 5% commission on your purchase from Wordery


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I receive 10% on all referred customers’ purchases for a full year from


I am just setting up the eBay affiliate marketing and do not yet fully know what I receive. I add the information as soon as I receive it.




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