#Music Monday ~ All Along The Watchtower ~ The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Let’s start the week with some music, shall we?

I often wake up with a song in my mind. Very often a song I do not particularly like but it somehow made it into my dreams and doesn’t go away.

This one though isn’t one of them. There is a perfume advert which I have seen for many years and the song played with it intrigued me. Little did I know it was a Jimi Hendrix song. (Well, it actually is a Bob Dylan song but Jimi Hendrix done a pretty good cover.) It sounded so up-to-date and so … not … fitting for the advert. But never mind.

A couple of weeks ago I found out which song it was and put it on my #amwriting/Schreiben playlist. I was rather surprised that it was by Jimi Hendrix Experience as I am not a particular Hendrix fan. However, I do love his version of the American National anthem that they played at Woodstock because for me it expresses more what the United States stands for than any Football version played and sung. Well, we better not go there I suspect otherwise I have to kneel down just to show my support…

I am not sure yet how political I want to be on this blog this year. I think though it might be a little bit in all I do and write because the world has changed so much and I feel it is important to choose sides. I feel it is important to show that shutting out humans from our countries, allowing billionaires to earn more money on our backs and the general degenerating of human rights is wrong!

It has become “normal” to say racist things because we say “the truth” and we can’t share our wealth with others because there are some who abuse the system. In my opinion, those who really abuse the system are global corporations, politicians and many of the rich who hide their riches in some dubious money scheme instead of paying taxes.

I strongly believe if those companies, politicians and rich would pay their taxes properly many of our social finance problems could be solved easily. But it is so much easier to blame it all on the foreigners than to have a look at those “above” us.

Sorry, that I repeat myself. I feel though I have to repeat myself. Not sure it makes a difference but at least I have tried to do something and not stand by and watch.

That’s my rant for today and now I let you go and enjoy a song from the past which might be more important today than then…. who knows.


All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Produced by Jimi Hendrix
Album: Electric Ladyland


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In The Righteous Mind, psychologist Jonathan Haidt answers some of the most compelling questions about human relationships: Why can it sometimes feel as though half the population is living in a different moral universe? Why do ideas such as ‘fairness’ and ‘freedom’ mean such different things to different people? Why is it so hard to see things from another viewpoint? Why do we come to blows over politics and religion?Jonathan Haidt reveals that we often find it hard to get along because our minds are hardwired to be moralistic, judgemental and self-righteous. He explores how morality evolved to enable us to form communities, and how moral values are not just about justice and equality – for some people authority, sanctity or loyalty matter more. Morality binds and blinds, but, using his own research, Haidt proves it is possible to liberate ourselves from the disputes that divide good people…

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