Luxury (L for #A2ZChallenge2018 )

Today I allowed myself a luxury. I had a coffee with lots of hot chocolate and vanilla sugar. Usually, I would have some spices too but we are running a little low and I haven’t found an affordable source yet outside of supermarkets.

Hadn’t planned to use this word for the A to Z Challenge. In fact, I actually missed poor “L” and would have gone directly to M. No I am not telling you what I am going to write about tomorrow. There must be some suspense even in my often predictable blog 😉

Should really have planned this topic thing a bit better. Right at the end with the x,y & z it gets rather tricky when it comes to words that could connect with self-love. Freewheeling would have been much better. Maybe I’ll go for greek words next year. Then it’s not such a problem to find words at the end of the alphabet. But I digress.

Where was I? Oh, luxury. The coffee.

Yes, I write often on Twitter that I need a coffee but I am rather a tea drinker. Tea in all its forms beside camomille. Last time I had one I needed to throw up. No not because of it. Camomille is a herb that helps against tummy problems and that’s why I drank it. Just was too late. Never liked it much anyway but now I can’t stand it.

Coffee is a luxury for me. A treat. I had times when I drank a mug or two in the morning because the best husband (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world is a coffee drinker and I just liked to share it with him. But my stomach can’t stomach ( 😉 ) it so I went back to the luxury thing.

Are you someone who enjoys luxurious things?

Well, we could, of course, debate what “luxurious things” are. But some people have no calms to enjoy a weekend in a 5-star hotel or buy themselves those expensive shoes or perfumes. I’ve never been like that. My luxuries are simple. A morning at the beach with the husband and the dog. Family. Friends. A cup of chocolaty coffee. Books. Homemade bread and gelato.

That’s enough to make me feel blessed. But lately, I have started to wonder if it would be helpful for my self-esteem to splash out a little more. Well, I need to earn a little more first. Or earn at all for that matter.

Surely there is nothing wrong with going to the hairdressers? Or get more than two pairs of jeans and shoes?

I always thought that I just don’t need that sort of stuff. Being a frugal Swabian and having connected myself with a specific conservative branch of the Protestant Church in Germany it was just not hip to go for anything luxurious or anything material at that. However, I have started to wonder if this kind of thinking is either also or primarily born out of my feeling of not being worthy of anything. Maybe this Aschenputtel (Cinderella) hasn’t found her dancing shoes yet? And interestingly Cinderella’s mum passed away too when she was young.

Well, what’s a woman to do?

Not thinking about it for the moment. You can overthink things a lot and I am certainly one of those. So I just breathe and let these thoughts pass and go and have another coffee 😉

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