Kindred Spirit (K for #A2ZChallenge2018)

I am coaching myself to manage English verb tenses properly. I suspect most of them I use sort of ok automatically because I am so long in the country however when it comes to explaining them my mind goes blank.

Unfortunately, for me, I have dedicated myself to getting it right and that course I am doing is, well, not going too deep into the grammar. I started a Future Learn Course from the British Council parallel and also read several grammar pages and books and I seem to be getting there but it needs time.

Time I would like to have to write about kindred spirits. Time I would like to have to write a post for the “Blogging from A to Z 2018” Challenge. Time…

… well, now my mind even goes blank when I write a blog post. Looks like I need to leave it there. No point in forcing something that can’t be forced.

But no need to hurry away my dear readers. I leave you with some soothing music that hopefully gives you some joy. And guess what? It’s called “Kindred Spirit” 🙂

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