Interviews to promote your creative work!

Even though I am not blogging much you can still take part in the “The Bee Talks With…” interview series as well as offer me guest posts about your books or writing in general. Please feel free to contact me via Bee.Halton(at)

Dear Writers, Bloggers, Artists, Musicians…!

Do You look for a way to promote your work? Here is the chance.

Wait! First, what is in it for you?

I post an interview with the cover of your work and a blurb inclusive the links where to purchase it on my blog. There is also the possibility to display all your social media links and a picture of you if you would like that.

I share promoting posts on a regular basis with my Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ followers via Buffer and other sharing apps which give you more exposure even after you have been featured on “The Bee Writes…”  

My combined followers are about 6,419 (Twitter (6043), LinkedIn (212) , G+ (164)) and rising 🙂 (My goal is 10. 000 followers on Twitter 🙂 and I am more than half way through!).


The Bee

So how does it work?

In autumn 2013 I started my “The Bee Talks With…” series on my old Blogger blog “The Bee Writes…”. I have retired that blog and moved all the content to “The Bee Writes…”. Up to now, mainly authors have taken part but the series is open to all creative crafts and arts. And no you do not need to have anything published beyond your blog or page. If you have: wonderful!


Just answer the following questions and send them to me, with a description of the work you would like to have featured, links where to purchase it, a picture of you and any social media links you would like to add.

Please note: be so kind and adjust the questions to your craft.

  • How would you describe yourself in one paragraph?
  • A fun fact about you?
  • What made you write (draw, blog, paint, make music…) in the first place?
  • Which author/painter/musician… has influenced you and why?
  • What is your favourite book/painting/song?
  • Your writing/painting/ music making ritual (if you have one)?
  • Your secret “sin” when you write/draw/make music?
  • Do you suffer from artist’s block and if, what do you do against it?
  • Your advice for apprentice creatives?

You can already find several interviews which have been shared by my followers thousands of times and “The Bee Talks With…” are some of the most popular posts on my blog.


d8266-beeHow to contact me?

Please send me an email to bee.halton[at] Be so kind to use the subject “The Bee Talks With… if you are interested and we organise publishing dates, etc.

Please also let me know who you are and what your work is about. Yes, I know it sounds logical, but I have gotten some funny emails already.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s make your work a success! Together we can do it!

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