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You know what?

I have hit “The Wall!”

I know, it’s not even halfway through “Love Is In Da Blog 2018” but I somehow can’t find any inspiration with “Infatuation”. Maybe it’s because I have never been infatuated with anything or anyone. Or I just don’t exactly know what it is. So let’s have a look what the dictionaries have to say:

Urban Dictionary:

Infatuation consists of people thinking they are in love but when indeed it is just a deep lust or like for another person.
Infatuation sucks.
by The Jinj July 03, 2003


1.the state of being infatuated.

2.the act of infatuating.

3. foolish or all-absorbing passion or an instance of this:

a mere infatuation that will not last.

4. the object of a person’s infatuation:

When I was a kid, my infatuation was stamp collecting.

Infatuation is falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone or something for a short time. If you have an infatuation with a particular singer, you probably listen to her on repeat all day long, at least this week.

If something infatuates you, it has caused you to become foolish. We say you have an infatuation when you express a crazy, extreme love of something––a person, a style, a band, anything. Infatuations usually don’t last. Like incredibly intense crushes or the stomach flu, infatuations come on strong and then get forgotten.

The only thing I can think of now is that I used to be infatuated with reindeer and sausage dogs. I collected reindeer of all sorts. I still have a couple as Christmas decoration






but I do not collect them anymore.
And sausage dogs well…..
Sorry, dear Shirky, our beloved rescue greyhound dog …….
sausage dogs are just the cutest, most stubborn and adorable creatures in the whole wild world!



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Something to read about reindeer

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The Eye of the Reindeer by Eva Weaver

THE ALCHEMIST meets THE SNOW CHILD in this beautiful odyssey through the snowy landscapes of northern Finland.Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Ritva is sent away to Seili – a remote island to the south of Finland. A former leper colony, Seili is now home to ‘hopeless cases’ – women who have been outcast from society. But Ritva can’t understand why her father has allowed her to be taken there, and she longs to be reunited with her little sister.Hope arrives in the form of Martta, a headstrong girl who is a Sami, and who reminds Ritva of her lost mother and her tales – of Vaja the reindeer, the stolen sealskin, and of a sacred drum hidden long ago. When Ritva and Martta decide to escape, there is only one place that calls to them. And so they begin the long journey North, to the land of the Sami, in search of healing and forgiveness…

Walking with Sausage Dogs by Matt Whyman

Keeping pets is a lovely idea. When building a family, they complement the kids. But what happens when things get out of hand? For writer and house husband, Matt Whyman, it’s a case of catastrophe management in coping with four children and all the ill-advised animals amassed by his career wife, Emma. Just as Matt gets to grips with managing her two maxed out minipigs, she falls for a miniature Dachshund – the kind of dog he wouldn’t be seen dead with.Hercules isn’t big or clever, but Emma is determined. She’ll do everything, she promises…From the author of Pig in the Middle





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3 Replies to “Infatuation? ~ ABC of Love ~ Love Is In Da Blog 2018”

  1. Oh wow. I just found out I have deep lust for the kittens in my balcony-by the above definition. Lol. I sure hope my love for the kittens is not short lived. I understand the wall though. I bet is it’s a fear for every blogger. Push past the wall. I know you can do it.

    1. LOL, I hope the kittens appreciate it :-). I am already past it. We went for a long walk with the dog this morning and I have a tin full of brownies. I have to share them though with the family 🙂

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