Blast from the Past: #7 of #365 A Prompt A Day For Bee

Today’s Blast from the Past still makes me giggle. Hope it gives you a smile too:

June 2014

Oh, dear my prompt givers have already dried up and I have to find some myself. Thank goodness there is Facebook with its silly pictures and games. I love those things where you have a look at your birthday and e.g. what you wear and then some silly saying comes out of it. My latest was “I love kissing a dragon because I just came out of prison”. Directly I thought: “I have to use this as a prompt if I cannot get one from anywhere!” And that is exactly what I am doing today. Let’s see what I can make of it:

Silly Poem

I am not my dragons keeper
but kissing it I do.
And only just because
I came out of that prison
on Christmas Day at noon.
No one in prison’s guilty
I do know for a fact.
Had only 10 years in there
for running from a pack.
How that did phone the coppers
is still a secret to me.
10 years I have been dreaming
of dragons and the pack.
And now I am out about here,
but my dragon went


*Giggle* just in case you were born long after the 60’s and 70’s or are not from the States: There is an old folk song called “Puff the magic dragon”. This is one of my favorites, which I used to play with the guitar and sing it besides “The Boxer” and “Heute hier, morgen dort”. (I told you I was born 10 years too late 😉 ). There was some sort of riddle around the song or some sort of scandal because people interpreted more into it than it was. I never knew about that and just loved the melody and it enriched my English vocabulary with the word “frolicked”. How cute a word is that? So, today I wrote a love poem to Puff and all the other dragons that frolic at the borders of my fantasy. Any Dragons close to you lately? 😉

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